Love Affair With A Handbag


What do men think of our love affair with a good handbag?

I read an article today about a handbag study, showing that British women are the most purse-obsessed.  I can tell you, Americans are not far behind. We love a good bag. A classy handbag is more than just an accessory, it is a statement. In my line of work, matchmaking, I hear all the juicy feedback after my clients go on a date. You might be  surprised to know just how important an expensive handbag is to a single woman. Here is an excerpt from my memoir, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker that illustrates my point.


Ooh, here’s an email from Jack, the guy who sent me the flowers for introducing him to Carmella. This should be good news.

Well, unfortunately Carmella is not for me. We really hit it off and she is unbelievably beautiful, that is for sure, but when we were in Vegas, we went into a store and she picked up a $1,200 purse, handed it to me and TOLD me to buy it for her. I told her that I don’t operate that way and that she is high maintenance. I don’t think she liked it, because she copped an attitude for the rest of the trip, which really ruined things. Still, I am really not looking for someone so spoiled. Thanks and talk to you soon.

Now, I appreciate a great handbag as much as any woman, but this is ridiculous. What a shame. They would have made a stunning couple. Then I notice an email from Carmella.

Dear Marla,
Well, it’s over between me and Jack. We went to Vegas and I thought we were having a good time, but then he had to go and call me “high maintenance.”
There is no need for him to call me names.

Dear Carmella,
Here is some invaluable advice: Even if a man is extremely wealthy, if a woman starts asking for expensive gifts from the get go, he will either think that she is only interested in him for what he can buy her, or that if they were married, she will drain his bank account, or both.
Once you are in an exclusive relationship with a successful man, he will most likely spoil you, but not within the first week of meeting.

Dear Marla,
Unless he lives under a rock, he’d have to know just by looking at me that I like nice things. He could see my clothes, my expensive watch.
Have the rules of the game changed?

Unbelievable. She thinks this is a game. I guess her idea of “winning” is how many designer bags she can squeeze out of these poor guys.
The next day, Alana pops into my office. “Umm, there is a lady in the lobby filling out paperwork, and she has five big Hefty bags full of purses with her.”
“Why?” I ask.
“Well, she says that they are gifts for us. She is a purse designer.”
Gary whizzes into my office. “Marla, get that woman out of the lobby, she looks homeless with all of those Hefty bags out there. I have an important meeting with a prospective client in five minutes, and I can’t have him see that. Plus she’s what? A five? We can’t use her, so do a quick interview and send her on her way.”
I walk out to the lobby and see a woman with short bleached blonde hair sitting on the couch with a clipboard, earnestly filling out the paperwork. She is heavily made up and is wearing a black mini skirt, despite being about fifteen pounds too heavy for our client’s tastes. She looks up at me with a big smile as I introduce myself.
“Oh, so nice to meet you”, she says in a heavy Russian accent. “I am Olga. I brought you handbags. They are samples from last season. I am designer. I hope you like.”
“How thoughtful. Let’s just get these out of the lobby, shall we?” I pick up three of the bags and Olga follows me into my office with the other two. “Have a seat, Olga,” I say stuffing the bags under my desk. “That is so sweet of you to bring these, I will look at them later.” I glance over her questionnaire and tell her how we work. Then she cuts in with a long story about her last relationship. She goes on and on.
I see Gary standing outside my doorway off to the side. He is making a motion with his hand across his throat, meaning, “Cut it off, now!”
I somehow manage to end the interview and send her on her way with a promise that I’ll call her if I get anyone that I think she would be compatible with. Alana runs into my office.
“Let me see those purses,” she says as she tears open one of the Hefty bags.
I take a few bags out and display them on my desk. There is an unfortunate taxicab yellow patent leather bag the size of a closet as well as the same style in bright blue, green, and white. There are also a few leather bags in gold and silver with metal studs at the top and down the sides, and a couple of purple and green bags with fringe hanging down the front.
“Well, no wonder she was so generous bringing us five bags full. I doubt that she could have unloaded these babies anywhere,” I say.
“What are we going to do with all these?”
“Hey Gary, wouldn’t your wife like some new handbags?” I chuckle and then stop. Did I attract this? I have been admiring designer bags. Maybe the Universe has a sense of humor?

I would love to hear about your love affair with a good handbag. I currently have a crush on a quilted black Chanel.