How Passion Can Inspire Your Relationship


Harness the energy of passion and enthusiasm.

A word that comes to mind when we think of romantic relationships is often “passionate.” What is passion anyway? The definition of “intense emotion compelling action” really grabs me. When you are truly passionate about something, it will lead to compelling action.

When you can harness the energy of passion and enthusiasm you’ll experience every second of every hour of every day to the fullest. The passion will ooze out of you and send those good-feeling vibes right into the universe, pulling in that which you desire! What comes to us has nothing to do with what we are doing physically, or how worthy we are, or how good we are; it has only to do with how we are vibrating. Think about how passionate you feel when you are creating a wonderful meal, composing a beautiful piece of music, dancing to your favorite song, painting a picture, or sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower sipping a glass of champagne. People who are involved in charity work, helping others or the environment, have a lot of passion for what they are doing. Making a difference in the world ignites powerful vibrations.
We definitely put the word passion in the same category with romance. What is it that makes romance so appealing? In our culture, one finds romantic, sexual, passionate love the ultimate ecstasy. The most compelling element of our pursuit of romance is the feeling of falling in love. It is like a drug that we crave. It seems to be a built in desire for fusion with the other half, a universal, unconscious human need. We crave the passion that comes about as we search for and ultimately come together with our soul mate. But, we can do more than just crave this passion. We can generate this passion and allow it to help draw our soul mate to us.
True, passion can be used in the wrong way. Some women can be “drama queens.” At one time, I was one. I just felt so passionate about everything that unimportant things seemed to take too much precedence in my life, like when a guy stopped calling me. I’d get all upset even if I knew he was not right for me, but I was so used to the drama that I dwelled in it. Of course, I only attracted more drama into my life! So, passion needs to be directed to the right place.
Using the power of passion the correct way is the key. Using your feelings of passion to catapult you into a high vibrational mode is what we are trying to do. When we feel good, we are vibrating faster, the way we were designed to do. Try to get as close as you can to the high vibrations of joy, exhilaration, appreciation, elation and all of those fabulous sensations that equate to happiness and well being. It feels good to feel good, doesn’t it? When you feel good, you are vibrating closer to your real self. That’s when you and your non-physical self are in sync at a marvelous high frequency pulling that passionate relationship into your life!