A Healthy You Equals A Healthy Relationship


If you take care of yourself, your relationship can thrive

When we nurture and care for ourselves, it means that we value ourselves. Many people are looking for a life -partner, but they don't love themselves enough so why would someone else? Taking time out to cleanse, rebalance and focus is a great way to energize every cell in your body, including your mind. Women have the tendency to do everything for everyone else and put themselves last. If you are not healthy and full of energy, then you are no good to anyone else.

I recently did a two week detox to clean out environmental toxins from my body. It was amazing to clear out the caffeine and alcohol too. I am sleeping better, am much calmer,  ad even my relationship with my husband is better because I am not a nervous wreck and don't react like I used to when he says something irritating.

 Nykki Hardin, an Integrative Lifestyle Strategist specializing in helping others THRIVE, flourishing in every area of their lives says, "science has proven that less that 2% of our DNA is genetic, and the other 98%, commonly called phantom DNA, is 100% affected by environmental factors.  HOW AWESOME AND EMPOWERING!!  This means we are in control of AT LEAST 98% of our health based on the food we eat, the thoughts we think, our ability to balance emotions, the people we surround ourselves with, exercise, etc.  The repetition of "family history" dieases happens because:

1) You have the same thoughts and beliefs as your parents which are contributing to these predispositions

2) Your behaviors and actions mimic those of your parents which conribute to these predispositions.  The truth of the matter is we live in a much different time than our parents in which our food supply and our lifestyles are dramatically different than when they were our age.  Take responsibility to educate yourself and make powerful, positive, healthy choices!"

I went to a lecture by Marianne Williamson in Los Angeles the other night, she spoke on Cancer and spirituality. Marianne said that taking care of ourselves so that we won't get sick is called "mature living." She also shared the idea that our spiritual practice is our spiritual medicine. Forgiviness is so important to keep ourselves healthy and to heal ourselves. We cannot affored to have any unhealed relationships.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell lists on his blog the top 10 ways to dramatically reduce your daily exposure to cancer causing agents.

The key to this list is that each of the items exposes you to toxins or cancer causing agents on a daily, or almost daily, basis. By eliminating them you are effectively cutting out a large majority of your exposure.

1. Purchase organic foods

By going organic, you are not only avoiding pesticides; you are also avoiding GMOs, artificial ingredients and harmful preservatives.

2. Filter your tap water

Tap water contains arsenic, fluoride and chlorine; all of which are highly toxic. Using a water filter for your drinking water is a great start; however, the body absorbs a substantial amount of water through the skin during showers and baths. One good option is to install an entire house water filter which can remove 99 percent of these chemicals.

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