Appreciating What You've Got


Appreciate what you have and improve your relationship.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and reflect on what is truly important in life. Relationships can be stressful especially around the holidays. If you are divorced, there might be arguments with the ex over who has the kids, or stress with the new person in his life. Financial difficulties can also come into play when trying to have a harmonious relationship. Or your mate can just be working your last nerve!

Try to remember what you love about the man in your life and think about what he might be going through.

Here is a great tip to instantly feel more calm and bring some much needed bliss into your day. Sit down in a quiet place. If you have a full house, you might even have to go sit in a closet. Anywhere will do, as long as you are alone and it's quiet. Light a candle.  Slowly breathe in and out 5 deep breaths. Breathe in..... breathe out... picture a beam of white light entering though the top of your head and filling your whole body.

Next think of five things that you love and appreciate about your significant other. It might just be that he has an amazing smile, he is a great at fixing things around the house, or he gives a great foot rub. But think of five positive things. Then, think of five wonderful things about yourself and acknowledge what a special person you are.

After spending time with yourself in gratitude, watch how things shift. Let me know your results.