10 Parenting Secrets To Empower Kids: #6 Kids Aren't Mini-Me

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Every child is unique in his or her own way even if they look just like you.

Just because you enjoy baseball, dancing, music or reading, doesn’t mean your kids will enjoy the same things. Just because you have a skill or affinity for something doesn’t mean that they will. Just because you are in the same gene pool doesn’t mean you swim in it using the same stroke.

Encourage your kids to try different things and follow their passions. Let them find out for themselves what they enjoy. If it happens that you share some of the same interests, fantastic! You’ll have something you can share together for the rest of your lives. You can provide guidance and advice as they move along on life’s journeys.

What happens if your kids discover that they like things that are different than your interests? What will you do? Tell them they can’t do those things? Did your parents do that to you? How did that work?

My advice is to look into what your kids like. Ask them what makes it so intriguing to them. Why do they like it so much? This way you can help them along their discovery path as well as share conversations with them about their learning process. Helping them through their discovery process enables you to learn how they see things differently from you. Treat them as an individual. Ask them questions. Talk with your kids. They want to share with you. As they grow, your kids will search out like minded people; people with similar interests. Take this opportunity to learn more about their interests even if they’re different from yours so you can help them develop and continue to be a strong part of their lives.

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