How Much Body Fat Have You Burned This Year?


When you are burning inches off your frame, your body is changing to lean.

How much fat have you burned after 4 months this year? You don't know?

You should monitor your body fat percentage on a weekly basis to know your real progress.  When you are burning inches off your frame, your body is changing to lean. 

And, beware of dangerous belly fat.  Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that abdominal fat cells secrete inflammatory proteins that cause damage to blood vessels and other cells.

These inflammatory chemicals secreted by abdominal fat cells are implicated in the development of cancer, coronary artery disease and Metabolic Syndrome.

When you place too much emphasis on weight loss instead of fat loss, you probably won't know your body fat percentage.  Don't lose your health and self respect trying quick weight loss tactics that never work.

Make it your goal to be the biggest fat loser. Losing huge amounts of weight can be gained back quickly if you don't build muscle mass. Build muscle, burn fat, speed up your metabolism and lose weight (and keep it off)!  This takes longer to achieve but you will end up with a lean body. 

You won't hear this message on weight loss infomercials and magazine ads.  Why? Because they want you to buy their quick weight loss program. What you do after their program is your problem. Don't settle for less than a lean body.

So, here are 5 tips to help you achieve your best health and fitness:

1. Eat breakfast every day. Your body has been fasting all night. A good healthy breakfast gets your metabolism kicked off for the day. Eat small meals every 3-4 hours to keep up your energy and to keep your metabolism humming along all day.

2. Plan and pack your meals for the day. This way, you are more likely to stay with your nutrition plan. Include foods such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat diary and nuts. Severely limit sugars of all forms, fast food and foods in a box or bag. Comply with your meal plan at least 90% of the time.

Don't sell yourself short and settle for just another fad diet designed to give you short term weight loss. Fad diets don't work because you can't maintain them---you need a healthy meal plan that you can maintain over time.

3. Eat protein with every meal. Protein helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time (thereby eating less) and repairs your muscles after a tough workout.

4. Carbohydrates are not your enemy! Just eat the right kinds such as fruits and veggies. They are your body's preferred source of energy (especially during exercise). Its important to have a meal plan that includes the macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats). The primary cause of weight gain is a caloric surplus (eating more calories than you burn). There are some instances where carb cycling can be a great strategy to burn fat. But, you should master the basics of nutrition first.

5. Build muscle and burn fat to change your body to lean and toned over time.

You may need to change up your strength workout routine. You can't do the same things that haven't worked and expect different results.

You might need to change your same old cardio workout too. Ever tried bodyweight cardio? Its a great change up from the same old cardio machines.

Do you workout at a slow pace most of the time? Speed it up and see more results. In my opinion, sprinting is one of the least used exercises done by general exercisers. Sprints help you burn fat faster! Sprinting is one of the best ways to help get your total body lean and toned.

Don't skip your post-workout meal. It is important to help your body recover from intense exercise (especially weight training).

You don't have to eat immediately after your workout. There is a 30 to 45 minute "window of opportunity" where replenishing your body's fuel (carbs, protein, fats) will optimize your tissue's repair and growth. If you miss this "window of opportunity" it is gone forever. A carb/protein shake will work well.

Wherever you are in your fat loss and fitness trek, make a commitment to burn more fat the rest of this year. You won't be sorry you did.

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