Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 5 Ways To Decide To Breakup

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Are you confused about staying or going in a relationship?

In my coaching practice, I often come across women who are really confused and stuck as to whether they should stay or go in a relationship. Instead of making a decision, they waiver from wanting to leave,  succumbing to their fear of what would happen if they did leave and finally wanting to avoid the guilt of making the first move. I have been there myself; knowing that I wanted to leave but too fearful to take the first step. I worried about how guilty I would feel if I left and how fearful I would feel if I were on my own.

But the question is, how do you get clarity on whether staying or going is the best option for you? Below are 5 ways to get you started:

1) Leave the decision making for later to allow for the answer to come. Do you need to make a decision right now? I have often found that if you put pressure on yourself to make a decision, you get more and more confused. If you give yourself time to make the decision later, you will be amazed how the answer shows up for you. I was running my Your Pathway To Wisdom workshop and one of the attendees said she was very confused about a decision she had to make. I asked her whether it would be all right if she waited to find that answer and an hour later she told me that the answer had come to her. It works every time!

2) Listen to yourself to hear the answer. What I have seen of my clients who come to me to find out whether they should stay or go is that they know deep inside that the relationship is no longer right for them, but they deny that part of themselves that knows the truth. Each of us holds the answer to all our illusory problems. The question is, “Are you listening to your inner guidance?” The challenge is to discern between your head talk and the noisy thinking and your inner voice. And for that you can always create space for yourself. To find out how you can get clarity what is right for you download your free ebook here

3) Take some time out for yourself to make space for stillness. A lot of people say: practice meditation to create stillness in the mind to hear your wisdom. I beg to differ, as this now becomes something that you may well want to do for yourself. Do something you love to do, and you may find stillness in meditation. You could go for a walk, listen to some relaxing music, have a massage, go for a swim or stare aimlessly into nature. However, the thing to remember is that our innate state of well-being is one of peace and contentment. We live with an amazing self-correcting system, so at some point your head will clear and you will listen to what is right for you.

4) Trust your wisdom to take action. One of the most popular intentions that I hear at my Your Pathway To Wisdom event is “I came to this event to learn to trust my wisdom.” There is no doubt that you have incredible wisdom inside of you, even though you may think you don’t. So the question I hear often is “how do I trust my wisdom?”  Well the bad news is that there is no formula – only awareness and past experience.  Awareness about what wisdom feels like to you can be done by looking back at times where you ignored your intuition and moments when you didn’t. What was the difference between one scenario and the other? By looking back, you can often see more clearly! With that you can take action freely – whether it’s to either stay or go! To get clarity and peace download your free ebook on “7 Mistakes To Create More Confusion and Stress” by clicking here.

5) Hire a coach to work through your confusion and stress. I have often found that working with someone to support me through the confusing times I have been through can really accelerate the process of creating clarity and knowing. All too often I see people sit in their confusion, worry and fear, when they don’t need to. The question is why, why would you do this to yourself? Fear? What if the one thing that could help you is to work with someone to let go of the fear and confusion you feel?Having worked with clients, who have been stuck for years and see them create freedom and peace for themselves in three short months, blows their mind as well as mine!

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