5 Reasons To Be Dumped On Valentines Day


Find out why being dumped on Valentine's Day and saying thanks to your ex for it is the best thing.

One of the most difficult concepts that a lot of my clients struggle with is the notion of gratitude. I talk about this in my best-selling book Goodbye Mr Ex, where I dedicate an entire chapter to it. And yet it is possible. I have seen women who have been gang raped, had parents or children murdered finally fall into the sweet arms of gratitude to finally find the peace they have been searching for.

So the question that comes up a lot is how can I be thankful for someone who dumped me and betrayed me, especially on valentines day!? Well you can. Like with all things in life, the first step starts with commiting to changing the way you view your situation.

Below are 5 reasons why I believe that Valentines Day is the best day to be dumped!

1) He taught me how to love more fully
With this relationship breakdown I made it my job to recover from the heartbreak to heal the wounds that needed attention. I realised that the pain I was feeling had nothing to do with my ex but everything to do with the way I felt about myself and my unhealed wounds of the past. I realise that every button that gets pushed is just an old wound that is crying out for attention. This is a choice that you make and remember you are always at choice. The fact that he chose to do it on a day when I was full of expectation and excitement highlighted this point even more.

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2) I was catapulted to live a bigger life
I have found that the further that I have fallen into the pain - which I did on this particular day (because of the expectations) the further I have had to come up. Never did I think that I would become an author, let alone a best-selling author. Below is a video of what is possible. I am not showing this video of me at my own book launch to brag, I am showing it to you as an illustration of what is possible for you. You may think that it is not, but don’t believe everything you think as it is not true. Your ex is an ex because he is part of your past – you now make the most of this new chapter and create whatever you want for yourself.

3) He brought me closer to my purpose that I am now living
One of the things that I am truly grateful for is the fact that this break up catapulted me to live my purpose. I know now what I am here to do and if it hadn’t been for this breakdown on that day, I definitely would not be committed to working with women to getting them over their ex relationships so they can move on. I now do what I love and getting women over their heartbreak is something that I am truly passionate about. Who would have thought that I could use the pain of this day to inspire others to do the same. Use this time to find out what you are passionate about and make it happen.

4) He taught me healthy self responsibility
To take responsibility for your life is a gift. To not blame others for my shortcomings has been the biggest blessing that I have been given. Why? Because, the moment we take healthy self-responsibility for what we have created and realise that our ex is just holding up a mirror, we have the power to change whatever we don’t like. Bitterness will eat you up and will destroy your self confidence. Blaming him for dumping you on Valentines Day wont change the fact that he did so - the only person you can change is you. By taking healthy self-responsibility you can change the meaning that you have given to this particular situation.

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5) I have learned to challenge my thoughts. At any point you are attached to any negative meaning to a situation, it will make you sad. Part of the reason I felt worse than I would have done if he had dumped me on a different day is because I had also built a story around how Valentine's Day was the worst day that he could have done it on. Really? Why? Because I had decided to make a song and dance about it. However it is important to challenge the meaning you have created so that you can free yourself of the disappointment.

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