Where Did The Romance Go? 5 Tips For Bringing It Back

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Did he lose interest or did you?

It is an age old story: you have been dating for a while. You expressed love for each other, combined your bachelor pads into a snazzy one bedroom in the East Village and adopted Mr. Whiskers.  Everything is going great, except…Yoyu can’t put your finger on it, but your boyfriend is acting more like a buddy than a love interest. When you are out with him, he is friendly—but not romantic. He looks at girls in tight dresses. He has conversations with you, but won't hold your hand or look you in the eye for more than two seconds. If you berate him, he's apologetic, but you feel like every girl has his interest—except you.

Sound familiar, ladies? To be sure, there are as many male issues out there as there are men: some guys are serial daters, others are pathological cheaters and some are just plain rude and ill mannered. However, before you accuse your man of any or all of the above, please do something very quick and easy: close your eyes and imagine the last three times you went out with your beau. What did you look like? What did you wear?

One of the biggest complaints I receive from men in my coaching practice is that girlfriends turn from the flirty playful sexual being with whom they fell in love, into homey, laid-back pals. While these men still love their 'pals,' they are not as turned on by them as they once were. I am not intimating that after a few months you should behave with your man as you did on your first date: that would be counter-productive and childish. However, you could (and should) always remain a woman with whom he fell in love…only the improved version. This, ladies, is a problem that could be fixed quite easily.

1. Take the time to do your hair and makeup. Can you really not spare 30 minutes to blow dry your hair and put on some lipstick and mascara? If you do nothing but a little liner and a red lip, your man will surely notice the sexy look.
2. Ditch the jeans. Yes, you may have a favorite pair and all your girlfriends told you this pair makes your butt look good. Save them for when you go out with your girlfriends. Men, on the other hand, always prefer a sexy dress. Beware, however:  sexy does not equal trashy. Sexy is leaving some parts of your body to his imagination. (If you must wear jeans for some occasion for which a skirt may be inappropriate, pair them with some sexy high heels and a soft feminine blouse.)
3. Put on perfume. You don't have to spend a fortune on the most expensive bottle. There is a range of scents in the market for every budget and taste. Just make sure to use it in moderation. He should be able to smell you when he is next to you, not from across the street.
4. Wear heels.  Let's face it, ladies: everything looks better with heels.  Not only do your legs look better, your posture improves and your confidence level rises when you wear heels. If you have never walked in heels before, buy a pair and practice at home before taking them out in public. They don’t have to be sky-high, either, just enough to look elegant and sophisticated.
5. Let him be a gentleman. Insist that he pull out the chair for you. Wait for him to open the car door, and have him pour your drink.  Let him be a man and you will be surprised how soon he will start to treat you like a lady!

This article was originally published at Relationship Headquarters. Reprinted with permission from the author.