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Fort Collins CO 80526 - United States


Med, NCC

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Author, Business Coach, Career Coach, Career Counselor, Leadership Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Being happy and successful in our careers comes from knowing and using our strengths, taking control of our own professional development, and realizing the power of a coach in achieving our goals.

About Marie Zimenoff

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. I never imagined holding these roles; my natural analytical tendencies didn’t lend to risk taking. Belief in the power of proactive career management overruled my introversion, driving me out of my comfort zone to lead and build a business. 

Although I am one, it doesn’t take a career counselor to see how deeply our satisfaction at work and agility in moving between positions impacts our lives. 

I know career professionals transform lives. I experienced it personally early in my career – trying to fit my passions and skills together – and have witnessed thousands of transformations as a resume writer, trainer, and career/leadership coach. 

As CEO of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy, I merge vision and best practice to elevate the careers industry worldwide.

►► CAREER THOUGHT LEADERS (CTL): I equip career services providers with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed, convening a think tank of industry leaders to share “the now, the new, and the next” in careers with 10,000+ colleagues worldwide, including:
⇨ Career Coaches & Counselors
⇨ Resume Writers
⇨ Corporate Trainers & Leadership Coaches
⇨ College & University Career Service Teams
⇨ Human Resources Professionals
⇨ Military & Government Career Transition Advisors
⇨ Workforce Development Professionals
⇨ Staffing & Recruiting Professionals
⇨ Outplacement Consultants

►► RESUME WRITING ACADEMY (RWA): I champion the world’s premier resume training organization to provide leading-edge programs, content, and resources. We elevate writers’ skills to world-class standards through the Academy Certified Resume Writer and Profile Writer programs and Resume & Profile Writing E-Summits.

Visit www.careerthoughtleaders.com and www.resumewritingacademy.com to learn how we're changing the world...one career success story at a time.