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You are both a Masterpiece and a Work-in-Progress all at the same time! Celebrate the Masterpiece in you and be kind to the Work-in-Progress! ~MTK

About María Tomás-Keegan

 You can’t choose when life happens. But you can choose how you respond to it.

When your world is shaken by a major life event, it can take you into a dark pit of despair from which it feels like there’s no way out.  As a certified Life & Career Coach, specializing in transition, and founder of Transition & Thrive with Maria, I help women come out of the pit, turn their lives right side up again, regain their confidence and step back into their power after life events have turned their world upside down.

Are you a woman who has experienced another major change in your life and it feels like the last straw?

You know you have survived events like this before, but THIS ONE feels different. This one feels like it might finally derail you for good if you don’t do something about it.

Divorce? Loss of a loved one? Caregiving? Retirement? Layoff? Career change? Any of these events have the power to derail even the strongest women among us, especially when it’s One. Change. Too. Many.

  • Is change hard for you?
  • Are you on "auto-pilot," just going through the motions?
  • Are you tired of living behind the mask that shows everyone you’re “just fine”?
  • Is it time to move beyond just coping and surviving?
  • What does it mean to thrive?

If any of this resonates with you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Hi, I’m Maria. And I’ve been where you are…

I lived with and through major shifts in my life over and over again, and became hardened to how I was feeling. I stuffed my emotions so deeply, just to get through the day, that I couldn’t feel much of anything anymore. I just kept on going, building up walls to protect me, conditioning myself by pretending everything is fine. Until this one time, when something within me broke, I just could not summon the usual bravado to keep on keeping on. When I hit my breaking point, I had no choice but to reach for help. It became my turning point.

Sometimes we need a trusted hand to help us find our way back after being derailed. I found mine and she saved my life. That experience inspired me to turn my 30-year corporate management career, coaching and mentoring women in life and business, into private practice to help other women thrive through major life changes, as I have learned to. I am proof that it is possible.

I encourage women to give themselves permission to rediscover who they are, take off the mask and begin to create a vibrant life which supports them, starting from where they are today and moving into their new dreams of tomorrow.

I inspire women to step back into their life fully, with more clarity and confidence, while learning the tools and strategies that will keep them from getting derailed ever again. That’s what I call thriving!

What is your next step?

You can connect with me in a number of ways. Select the one or more that feels best to you:

  1. For a private, complimentary chat go to ChatWithMaria.com/DiscoverySession
  2. To sign-up for my continuing series of video interviews with women, who have inspiring stories to tell, and to receive inspirational eMails from me, go to TransitionAndThriveWithMaria.com/Join 
  3. For my latest book and its Companion Journal, Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph, click here for the Kindle or Print editions.


María Tomás-Keegan Success Stories

I knew my life was about to change from my first session.

Women starting over

“I knew life coaching would change my life from my first session with María, I am normally a procrastinator. I was stuck in life wondering would I ever be free. However, I refused to hesitate when deciding that I needed Transition and Thrive Life Coaching to help me to get to the next level in life, without it I would not be where I am today. My thoughts would still be racing wondering how to get from point A to B. I no longer find myself becoming frustrated easily when things don’t manifest immediately, I have learned how to take a step back look at my situation and develop the steps I need to get me to where I want to go. I no longer tell myself I am too old because age is just a number. In the movie, Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman makes the following statement “You can either get busy living or get busy dying.” María has taught me how to get busy living. I am still a work in progress and will always be but now I have the tools I need to climb the mountains that are before me. I no longer stand at the base of the mountain wondering how to get to the top. Thanks so much, Maria for helping me through this process.”

I began to feel stronger and more confident than I had ever felt.

Women starting over

"When I met María, I was struggling with a lack of confidence and in a lot of emotional pain.  I felt tethered to what I viewed as my embarrassing past.  I had a history of failed relationships and I was very confused about my life and how to move forward.  María helped me to see that I had many strengths and unique qualities that could serve me to not only survive but thrive.  Through her gentle but powerful questioning and her unconditional support, I began to feel stronger and more confident than I had ever felt in my life.  I let go of my stories of failure and began to see victories in them, instead.  Because of this, all areas of my life improved.  Thanks so much, María, for your time and your talent!  You are truly a gift to this world!"

She helps women, like me … move from pain to a healthy, happy life.

Women starting over

"María is such a caring and supportive person. She helps women, like me, get through the after-effects of divorce and learn how to move through to the other side from pain to a healthy and happy life. She has never given up on me. As much as I’ve been willing to help myself, she’s willing to work with me to move into something better…a better life. María is what I consider a high vibration person who honestly cares about each person she works with. María is a blessing who brings blessings to us all."

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