I am NOT mentally ill!!


Do not identify yourself with a diagnosis. It is not who you are.

I am a complex person, a beautiful and sometimes fragile being of light.
My problem is not that I have emotional and psychological pain, but that I live in a society of separation, judgment, and fear.
Modern psychology has labeled me sick, dumbed me down with pharmaceuticals, marginalized me, and led me down a path that all but destroyed my soul. I have given away my power to counselors and doctors in the past, to my sad childhood. to partners, family, institutions, to religion, and a multitude of "others". I lost 10+ years of my life to identification with a psychiatric diagnosis and consequent over-medication and therapeutic manipulation by the system.
I stand in my truth today. I take responsibility for my own healing.
I am beautiful and whole and worthy of a meaningful life.
I recognize LOVE as the only true answer.
My intention in this group is to free myself and my loved ones from negative labels by empoweing myself to stand in my personal truth, and encouraging every being to do the same. I seek to raise my consciousness out of confusion and despair into the light of true healing, true being.
It is my hope that we can share our experience, strength, and hope with each other in love and gentleness of spirit, knowing that we are ONE and our love shared is powerfully healing. Please join me on facebook: Mari K va...group page True Nature Healing
Butterfly Woman...Kvaste...Mari