Celebrate the wonder of you in every way! Passion Parties by Mari

Celebrate the wonder of you in every way! Passion Parties by Mari

PassionParties amplify intimacy and discover joy! Celebrate the wonder of you in every way :-)

The best part of this service I offer is personal, private consultation, on the phone, skype, or in the comfort of your home!
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General Information
Passion Parties, Inc. leads the party plan industry as the premier supplier of sensual products in the United States and Canada. The company, founded by women for women in 1994, has experienced rapid growth and enjoyed continued success. Our informative Passion Parties create a unique environment for women, one that is fun, educational and confidential. Products are demonstrated through in-home educational parties by Passion Parties Consultants. Women feel comfortable discussing their sexual health, dispelling some of the age-old myths surrounding sexuality, and learning ways to improve communication and build stronger relationships with their partners.

The cornerstone of our product line, the RomantaTherapy® collection, was developed exclusively by Passion Parties. It includes sensual body products to transition the busy woman from the stress of the day to the romance of the evening, as well as many products perfect for enhancing intimacy for couples.

Our exclusive top-selling Pure Satisfaction® UniSEX Enhancement Gel is the ultimate product for all couples. Our product line also includes a wide selection of sensual touch, passion edibles, lingerie and passion toys. Our products assist loving couples to enhance their sexual relationship, thus making "Every Day Valentine's Day."

Led by a proven, successful female executive team, Passion Parties is dedicated to helping women achieve both personal and financial growth. Our innovative compensation plan provides Passion Parties Consultants with the opportunity to own and manage their own business, earn an unlimited income and decide their own future. At Passion Parties, we believe that each and every woman can reach her individual potential, and that is why we support the philosophy of "women helping women."

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