7 Secret Types of Orgasms


Think there is only one way to orgasm? This expert advice reveals how to have a variety of orgasms.

The fact that our mainstream culture does not acknowledge or practice these kinds of orgasms is in my expert opinion a major oversight. Breath and energy orgasms are wonderful, satisfying and can be mind-blowing. They are easily learned. Sexologist Ray Stubbs calls this kind of orgasm "an energy generation model," as opposed to a "tension release model."(6) Often these kinds of orgasms are taught and enjoyed by the "New Age-Tantric-types" of people. Kutira teaches the "Wave" where one undulates erotically, thus, "activating the cerebral spinal fluid and orgasmic reflex." Harley Swiftdeer teaches the Native American version, the Firebreath Orgasm (not to be confused with the yoga exercise the Breath of Fire) where one lays down and breathes up through the chakras. Barbara Carrellas and Kate Bornstein teach their version which they call the Gender-free Orgasm. Jwala and myself teach Breath and Energy Orgasm. Sunyata Saraswati teaches the Cobra Breath Orgasm.

Some practicioners can generate at will what is perhaps the most intense kind of energy orgasm, the "Kundalini orgasm." They practice this for a lifetime(s) and achieve amazing feats. They also warn of the dangers of these extremely strong orgasms. When Ray Stubbs had one, he flew off his chair, fell and became paralyzed. One woman I know had one and had a nervous breakdown. People have hurt their backs. On the other hand, they can also be extremely healing, transformative, and enlightening. Breath and energy orgasms can occur (or be created) from conscious, rhythmic, deep breathing, or other ways of generating energy in the body such as swimming, running, risk taking, listening to a piece of music, etc.

I have talked with several men who were in combat in Vietnam and they told me that when they were in combat, they had erections and had intense energy orgasms, sometimes even with ejaculation. I’d call these feargasms, or adrenalingasms. Basically a person learns how to build energy with thought, kegals, undulation, visualization, surrender, etc. Once the energy is built, it kicks into a release phase, which can be mild or extremely intense. Squeezing the PC muscles helps eroticize the energy and pump it the body for a more full-bodied effect. In this category I would include angergasms, laughgasms and crygasms—where an intense emotional release is orgasmicised. Physiologically these can compare to clitoral and vaginal orgasms, with increased breath rates, with the sex flush, increased heart rate, sweaty palms and feet, etc. They can be very physically intense, with lots of tetney (a rebirthing term), and feelings like you are plugged into an electrical socket. There can be enormous tingly sensation in hands, feet and lips, eyeballs roll back into the head, back arches, and orgasm sounds occur.

Perhaps the only thing about female orgasm that is at this point in history widely agreed on is that women can have clitoral orgasms. The clitoris is stimulated, muscular tension builds, and there are vaginal contractions and a release of the energy. These can occur very localized just in the clitoris, or the feelings can spread up into the belly and groin and over the whole body. They can be teeny-tiny, or humongous. Clitoral orgasms can also be extended. Masters and Johnson found what they coined "status orgasmus," orgasms which lasted "20 to more than 60 seconds."(7) Masters and Johnson definitely didn't measure orgasms of the masters. I’ve known women that could have repeated clitoral orgasms lasting for many minutes in a row. A woman can have clitoral orgasms without a climax. But a clitoral climax always comes with an orgasm. There are multiple clitoral orgasms, and also possible are multiple clitoral climaxes. There are very deep clitoral orgasms, and surface clitoral orgasms. Keep reading...

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