Kissing 5.00 - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine


Five kinds of kisses that linger long after you've left

I once dated a guy who told me I gave button-lipped kisses. Since I had absolutely no proficiency in kissing, I was clueless how to proceed.  "“Huh?” was my only response. “You need to learn how to kiss,” he replied. He obviously didn't want to take the time to show me, and never called me again. I was crushed; I didn’t know how to do something as basic as kissing. Virgin that I was, I certainly didn’t know how to have sex, but kissing? Come on! Anybody can kiss, right?


There are some kisses that are so wonderfully delicious that men are hypnotized by them . . . held captive by them and you. . . Big Girl Kisses.

1.      Wet kisses
Lick your lips before kissing and get them slightly wet - dew drop wet - not slip and slide wet. Go in for a long, soulful smooch and then stop. Take a deep breath, and then begin again, blowing gently into his mouth.

2.      Lick away!
Lick the inside of his lips with the tip of your tongue, concentrating on the corners for a moment, then the inside lining of his mouth, alternating between licking those areas lightly and biting them seductively.

3.      Chew
Gently chew on his top lip, applying moderate pressure ever so often, but not enough to be uncomfortable - remember, you are not a squirrel cracking a nut - then switch to his lower lip and suck it tenderly.

4.      Snuggle Face
Hold his face in your hands and smother it with butterfly kisses, concentrating on his eyes and earlobes.

5.      One more lick!
Again hold his face and give it one long, luxurious lick - like an ice cream cone. End the lick by smothering his mouth with dainty wet kisses.

Naughty Girl!

These kisses are guaranteed to tantalize your man, causing him to want more and more - so be extra careful who you plant them on!

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