How To Still Feel Confident With Gray Hair

How To Still Feel Confident With Gray Hair [EXPERT]

Don't let gray hair affect your self-esteem.

Unfortunately, we live in a media driven society where standards of beauty are selectively chosen by the Beauty Gods on Madison Avenue. Women are objectified and encouraged to stay in the pack. You have to make yourself over:use whatever products are available to enhance your natural look, because if you don't, no guy will find you attractive. And isn't that what it's all about, being found attractive? Why Summer Is The Best Season To Be Single

This year, I finally grew tired of cursing and coloring my hair. Plucking them out had long ceased to be an option; they predominated over 60 percent of my hair. After one hard look in the mirror, I sighed and gave up the fight. I decided to embrace the pesky little interlopers, welcome them home like long-lost cousins.

I cut off 75% of my hair off, because an inch of gray followed by twelve inches of deepest, darkest brown looks rather ghastly. I’ll keep cutting until the gray stands entirely on its own. And then I intend to rock my gray hair like a Rock Star! I'm owning my grays, every last gorgeous one of them.

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I'd rather have a head of thick, bountiful gray hair, than no hair. And, anyway, if it's one lesson I've learned over the years, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it; I'm wearing my gray like a crown of glory. Well,I intend to color it white, and let it shine like a beacon. Over 40 & Single? How To Exude Confidence