Searching For Mr. Right? Consider Setting Goals First

Dating: How To Find A Boyfriend By Setting Goals
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You use goal setting in your professional life, but you can also use it to find true love.

You use goal setting in your professional life, but have you ever thought of using it in your dating life? Finding a relationship is no different than any other major change you want to make in your life.

Whether it's getting a new job or finding an intimate partner, it requires you to know what you want, shift something inside of yourself to begin the attraction, and then do some work to set the stage for receiving your desired outcome. Goal setting can help with all these aspects. There are three major aspects to goal setting: what, why, and how. Let's explore each one.

  • What do you want? Do you want a long-term boyfriend that you can bring home to mom? Do you want a sex buddy that you can casually date and enjoy physically without having an actual emotional/spiritual connection? Do you just want a partner-in-crime to go on grand adventures with and have stimulating discourse with? Be clear on what your ideal relationship looks like. It then helps to shape the type of guy you are looking for.
  • Why do you (emotionally) want this type of relationship? Are you lonely and just want someone to provide temporarily relief to the sting?  Are you horny and need to secure a regular fix? Are you a hopeless romantic and looking for someone to shower you with love and devotion? Will you fill an inner desire by having a loving family? It's important to know what you want, but it's the "why" that really binds it to our hearts and kick-starts the Law of Attraction. 

If you don't know why you want something, then it's harder to get because you're not emotionally connected to it. And when you hit some challenges along the road, then you're more likely to bail. But if you are emotionally vested, then you can weather a lot more storms because your heart will long for the desired result, and will be disappointed if it's not achieved.

  • How will you get what you desire? Will you post a profile online and go on one date a week for the next six months? Will you attend every social event you can or join a sports team and meet potential dates? Will you go to bars and clubs and drink and hook up with boys? Once you know what you want in a relationship, and emotionally connect to why you want that kind of relationship, then you can devise a plan to help get the relationship.

The Law of Attraction will already be at work pulling the ideal guy to you, but you also need to do your part and help things along by positioning yourself to be "in the right place at the right time" to receive your man. So once you know what and how, this part becomes easier. If you want more of a home body type of guy who can emotionally provide for a family, then chances are you won't be going to the dance club on Saturday night to find him—you will probably want to attend some lower key social functions or join an online dating site. Likewise, if you're looking for a fellow daredevil to go rock climbing and sky diving with, then perhaps you will want to join a sports team and not be looking for him at the book club meeting.

By knowing what, why, and how, you can devise a plan to attract and manifest your perfect man. Get out your journal, meditate, or talk to a coach and get to work setting your goal. You'll have your ideal relationship in no time.

This article was originally published at Gay Love Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.