Unconsciously Inviting A Breakup


Your breakup is the key to your growth.

Do you feel like a victim of circumstance?  Do you wonder why “bad things” always happen to you…even when everything is seemingly going well?  You may be surprised to learn that you are unconsciously inviting these maladies into your life.  The Universe is a powerful force – the Ultimate force in fact – and its function is to give us exactly what we truly want and are able to handle.  Said another way, it never gives us anything that we don’t want and cannot handle.  When the Universe brings an accident upon us, it is because we have (at some level) asked for it to happen.  The Truth is that there are no accidents.

“How can this be?!” you may be wondering.  “How could I possibly have asked for him to break up with me?”  The answer is, on some level, you have asked for this.  Think about it for a second.  Before he broke up with you, how did you feel about your relationship?  Was it giving you everything you needed to grow as a person, or was this relationship somehow stunting your development and evolution into the person your soul is urging to become?  Was he really the person you wanted to be with for the long-haul, or were there little red flags that made you subconsciously question whether he was really bringing his true and honest self to the relationship?  Were you ready for a committed relationship, or do you still need to do some personal growing on your own before you are truly the person you want to be in your relationship?

The same questions can be asked for other accidents that happen in your life.  “How could I have asked for this horrible disease?”  Maybe you continuously worry about getting a disease, and therefore manifested it to ease your mind of that worry.  Maybe you are living a mile a minute without taking an opportunity to rest, and your body manifested the disease because it’s forcing the rest upon you.  “How could I have asked to be fired?”  Maybe the job was just paying the bills, and wasn’t really fulfilling your soul purpose.  Maybe you need more free time to pursue a goal that will bring about radical transformation to yourself and to the world-at-large.  “How could that entire society of people have truly asked for a tsunami to wipe out their village?”  Maybe the people who lived in that village were feeling disconnected and disjointed, and were searching for a way to reconnect with each other, and the world, in Oneness, and the rebuilding of the village will do that.  Maybe they were too uncomfortable and fearful of disaster, and the world brought it upon them to teach them that they can survive anything – and become stronger people because of it.

Accidents are not manifested consciously, but subconsciously.  No one would dare ask for their lover to break up with them, or a life-threatening disease to inflict them, or a tsunami to wipe out a village.  These situations are not easy to deal with, because they are not supposed to be easy to deal with.  Real growth comes slowly, energetically, sometimes painfully....and we are often reluctant to stimulate the path to this growth.  But our soul craves the growth.  So our subconscious mind manifests an accident that forces this growth to take place.  We learn to rise to the challenge and slay the dragon before us, for we refuse to be destroyed by it.  And in the process… we transform…we become less fearful…we are more confident... we grow stronger.  In the aftermath of the battle, we look back and realize that the accident was a beautiful gift from the Universe - and we are thankful that it happened.  And then we decide to not manifest that accident again, because the lesson has been learned and it is no longer needed.

So when an accident happens to you, stop panicking for one minute and ponder the question of why.  What is your subconscious mind bringing to you?  What is your opportunity for growth?  Then rise to the challenge of the accident, and conquer the beast.

This article was originally published at Gay Love Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.