Know Your Value


How are you going to love somebody else if you don't love yourself?

Do you know your value?  If you don't, then don't expect someone else to see it for you. As Rupaul famously asks, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"  If you're a single gay man looking for love, then you need to start by finding love inside of yourself.

There are things that we want in life - a relationship, a great job, money, popularity.  But those things are external to us; they are THINGS that we GET.  But just like any other THING, they have no power of their own.  We have to infuse our own power into them, and then they become the instruments that bring satisfaction and joy to our lives.  You could be in a relationship with the most amazing man, or have more money than god, and still not be happy. It's not the THING that brings you the's ourselves.  And that starts with recognizing and owning your value.

Once you recognize how amazing you are, you will start to act differently:  more confident; full of energy; joyful; calm and grounded. You will radiate that value outward into the world, and people will take notice. When to walk into a room, people will stop and notice you...because your energy will draw their attention, like a moth to a flame - the Law of Attraction.  And some of those people will be other single gay men.

So take a cue from Rupaul. Learn to love yourself by recognizing your own value. And then let love come to you.

This article was originally published at Gay Love Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.