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How To Celebrate Mother's Day After Divorce

how to celebrate Mother's Day after divorce

3. Make it a low or no cost celebration. Hopefully, while you were married, your ex orchestrated treats for you on Mother's Day. If you're really lucky, he may still do so but don't count on it. You can hope your children will take the initiative and they might, especially if they have a teacher who's working on a craft project for Mother's Day. Better yet, this is an opportunity to talk to your children about how to demonstrate their love through acts of kindness and thoughtfulness which involve little or no money and which can be more meaningful than any purchased gift. Think of age-appropriate acts they could do for you that would make the day different from any other day.

You could for example, set Mother's Day as a day when you do no household chores and you might enlist your children's support in making sure they pick up after themselves without you having to ask. A day of no laundry? A day when your children have to clear away after each meal? You could suggest to your children you would like to sleep late which means they have to get themselves up quietly and make their own breakfast. Better yet, they could bring you breakfast in bed. You could have a movie afternoon together where you get to choose the movie (it's your day, after all).

If your children don't have their own money (is it time for an allowance?) or have very limited funds, think of gift ideas that play to your children's talents and interests such as writing a poem, drawing a picture, a craft project or making a movie. Any child who's old enough to use iTunes is old enough to make you a playlist of their songs that they think you'll enjoy.

Again, this might seem like work and something you shouldn’t have to do for your day but it goes back to recreating those family traditions. Take the time now and your children will be learning a valuable lesson about honoring the people they love not just for next Mother's Day but for any occasion. Take this one step further and when it comes to Father's Day, talk to your children about what they can do to make the day special for their father and do this even if your ex was completely absent from your Mother's Day. This isn't about him, this is about teaching your children to appreciate the people they love.

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