The biggest mistakes singles make

The biggest mistakes singles make

Dear Coaches,

What's the biggest mistake singles make when it comes to dating?

Tara Kachaturoff, Editor, Relationship Coaching Institute

Maeve responds …

The biggest mistake singles make when it comes to dating is not being themselves. This is a problem because while you are getting to know someone, they want to get to know you, too. If you spend your time being someone other than yourself, they are going to get a false sense of who you are, and ultimately you are not going to be able to maintain the façade.

The other thing about not being yourself is that you prevent the other person from being their authentic self with you so you really don't get a true idea of who they are. This will prevent you from being able to tell whether or not you have a true match, or if the other person is someone you would rather not pursue. It is altogether better to totally be yourself when you are dating, to know and be happy with who you are and to make choices based on your authentic self and not what you think others want you to be.