Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

25 years +


Alexandria VA 22314 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

I believe that we are all beautiful beings. At times we don't feel that way. Our childhood and later experiences interacting with our innate Enneagram temperament may have blocked our true selves. We can dissolve the old patterns and with some effort, like a caterpillar, emerge into our soul self.

About Lynn Turner

I integrate warmth, caring, challenge, and optimism into my therapy with individuals, couples, children, and families. The Enneagram, relationship skills and emotional healing form the backbone of my work with clients, groups, and seminars. I also encourage clients to integrate mind, body, energy, and spirit through knowledge and practice. 

Emotional imprints from the past and the resulting thoughts and reactivities are the foremost cause of emotional pain. In addition to using this knowledge in individual and couple sessions, I lead two emotional healing groups. The validation of emotions and reactions as well as the cognitive restructuring of old messages can dissolve destructive patterns.  A new awareness of the “true self” emerges and individuals begin to lead their lives differently. I am an active participant in therapy, making suggestions, urging new choices and teaching new ways of understanding ourselves and our environment.

As a PAIRS Master Teacher, I have taught more than 40 PAIRS Relationship Skills courses and completed three research projects on PAIRS. As a researcher, I have an intense interest in how the brain functions, and the nature of consciousness, integrating this knowledge into my practice with clients. I initiated the community offering, Healthcare Discovery Series, a monthly lecture on healthful options. I have published in professional journals and I present at professional conferences yearly. My new passion is to incorporate my professional experience and knowledge into writing for the general public.