Learn How to Re-Prioritize What You Eat to be Happy


Why wait to re-prioritize how you live your life? Learn why diet relates to stress levels.

The epicenter of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday was less than 30 miles away from me and my family. Sometimes it takes a big "shake" to make us wake up and really commit to drinking our veggies and whey protein on a daily basis.

Our ability to deal with a stressful event, such as an unexpected earthquake that's nowhere near a fault line, is directly influenced by our diet. Eating a diet that is predominantly raw fruits, vegetables, and protein sources with supplemental minerals and nutrients gives us the most bang for the calories and money.

Stressful events make us secrete cortisol and adrenaline into our body. Our busy lifestyles have created a phenomenon where most people today are walking around with excess cortisol in their body. We are not giving ourselves enough time to get the cortisol out of our system, and we are not doing enough of the right things to get the cortisol out of our bodies.

Men's stress-reducing hormone is testosterone.

Women's stress-reducing hormone is oxytocin.

Men need time to replenish their testosterone. Feeling needed is one way men replenish testosterone.

Women need to nurture, comfort and connect with themselves or others to replenish their oxytocin. Caring for others and subsequently not feeling alone is one way women replenish oxytocin.

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