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Safe sex is a fundamental part of health and wellbeing. A healthy and pleasurable sex life should be the right of all people who choose to be sexually active.

About Melissa White

Melissa White is the CEO of Lucky Bloke*, a company with social missions: raising global awareness about condom quality and proper fit, and improving access to superior condoms and lubes from around the world. She is also a consultant and researcher advocating a positive approach to sexual safety, health and pleasure. 

Melissa understands that pleasure is key to consistent condom use, and therefore every day at Lucky Bloke is spent correcting the pervasive myths that condoms are one-size-fits-all. Through Lucky Bloke, Melissa offers personalized, non-patronizing safer sex education by guiding customers to find the correct condom fit and style. 

She also conducts ongoing condom research with thousands of couples in over 35 countries studying the psychology of the condom user and how candid education leads to consistent, successful and pleasurable condom use.


*At Lucky Bloke our mission is to lead you to the land of amazing sex with condoms. With a selection of the world’s best condoms at our fingertips, we’re here to prove that the right condom can actually improve your sex life.

Have a question for the Lucky Bloke Condom Experts? Let us answer it so you can concentrate on having the hottest safe sex possible!

Whether it be a new relationship, your chosen form of contraceptive, or seeking to spice things up – many have a love-hate relationship with condoms.

However, our experience proves that knowing how to choose the right condom makes all the difference. You can (and will) have great sex with condoms.

Lucky Bloke is here to empower, inform, and support Your Tango readers with quick, easy, and accessible information on how to find and buy the ultimate condom and lube samplers to keep sex fun, safe, and exciting, as well as how to speak more comfortably with your partner (or teens) about safe sex.

If you've ever wondered: how do I choose the right condom size? We've taken away the guesswork. There are so many shapes to enhance pleasure, color, flavors and condom varieties to explore. Lucky Bloke allows buyers to quickly and become informed on how to find the condom that is going to bring them the most pleasure.  We are very happy to share our expertise with YourTango readers.

You are welcome to use the contact form at either of our websites to ask any and all condom, lube, or safer sex questions. We'll look forward to hearing from you.

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