What Condom Would Don Draper Choose?!


Finding a perfect condom is highly individual. Lucky Bloke has some fun pairing the cast of Mad Men.

With Mad Men season premiere on April 7th, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited like a kid on Christmas morning. Here at the Lucky Bloke Research and Development Department, we’ve taken a break from our mission to help you have safer, more awesome sex, to have a little fun. We’ve matched up our favorite Mad Men characters with the condoms we think best match their personalities. The results are sure to amuse you!

1. Don Draper - Okay, we admit it, Don is one of the few fictional characters that actually get the ladies at Lucky Bloke R & D a little hot and bothered. As an alpha male who prides himself on always staying a few paces ahead of the pack, we imagine Don would be a fan and sure to buy the Okamoto 004 - a condom that uses the latest state of the art technology to push pleasure boundaries. While, Japanese condoms are known for their ability to be ultrathin without compromising on strength and durability, the Okamoto 004 is rumored to be the very best thinnest condom available in the US. We can’t imagine Don would settle for anything less.

2. Peggy Olson - When it comes to choosing a condom, we have the feeling that independent and whip-smart Peggy would choose something that has a woman’s interests in mind. We think she’d love the L.'s Do {each other} Good condom. L is a condom company dedicated to supporting women globally by empowering them sexually. L.'s Do {each other} Good condom has a ribbed base providing euphoric stimulation for her and the unique shape increases sensitivity for him, plus a moisture rich long lasting lubricant for a euphoric experience.  Core to their company mission, L. partners with development organizations to support women and HIV/AIDS prevention.

3. Joan Harris - Beautiful, seductive and ambitious, Joan isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants. We imagine would keep her nightstand stocked with Kimono MicroThin condoms which feature a contour shape to heighten sensitivity and are much thinner than competing thin latex condoms. Combine state of the art ultra-thin technology with a slick silicone lubricant, and you get an unmistakable “silky smooth” experience like no other condom.

4. Betty Francis - The former Mrs. Draper likes to play it safe without ever sacrificing on style. If we opened up her pocketbook we wouldn’t be surprised to find some GLYDE Vanilla Ultra condoms nestled next to the latest issue of Town and Country. GLYDE surpasses international quality standards with ultra-thin comfort and is flavored with organic fruit and nut extracts. Perfect for the connoisseur in the mood for tasty, vegan, sugar-free vanilla deliciousness.

5. Megan Draper - Smart, kind-hearted and gorgeous, Don Draper’s current wife is full of surprises. Being a native of Montreal, Megan has a distinct sophisticated, daring, european vibe which is why we wouldn’t be shocked to find her lean toward a different flavor and carry ONE Flavor Waves: Chocolate Strawberry Condoms in her purse. ONE Condoms are a fusion of advanced design and leading-edge technology. Made with an advanced form of latex called Sensatex™ ONE Condoms are softer, smoother, and clearer than most condoms. Oh, and they are super tasty! Grab a bottle of champagne and you have the perfect recipe to add some “Zoubie, Zoubie, Zou” to your night.

6. Pete Campbell - Young, ambitious yet, still slightly unsure of what he wants out of life, we think Pete would be a huge fan of one of our Ultimate Textured and Studded Condom Sampler. As a man who enjoys the finer things in life, a sampler pack featuring state of the art of condoms like Kimono Textured and ONE Tantric Pleasures, provides ample opportunity for adventure and experimentation while never sacrificing on quality or pleasure.

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