The Ultimate Pleasure. It's Time to Claim Yours!


He Knows You're Nice, Tonight He Discovers How Naughty You Can Be... Supplies For Your Sexy Arsenal

Remember, YourTango fans, you heard it here first!

Lucky Bloke International Purveyors of Pleasure, are thrilled to announce:

Lucky Bloke Pleasure Packs ~ the Ultimate Pleasure Subscription.

(Think BirchBox for the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen table...)

Yes, Mission: Seduction, should you choose to accept it, is guaranteed to
spice up your life - each and every month.

We’ve done the reconnaissance for you.

Decadent aphrodisiac chocolate, a luxurious silk blindford, seductive oils for massage and other’ll receive a pleasure pack filled with treasures we’ve
curated from around the world to arouse and indulge your senses –travel
sized luxuries perfect for addition to your sexy arsenal!

Seriously, who has time to stop by the local pleasure shop and procure the
best sensual products available?!

And what about Europe? Asia?

Wouldn't you love to receive a monthly box of tempting pleasures?
C'mon, we know you would.

All of a sudden nights become far more exciting. A nibble of this,
a lick of that...oh, a warm bubble bath, an exotically scented candle.

You get the idea. A box of absolute indulgence. Absolute pleasure.
Once a month.

What can we say? We love pleasing you.  It is our mission. Oh, yes.

Want yours? Of course you do! 
Check them out: Lucky Bloke Pleasure Packs! 

Looking for the very best condoms + lube in all the land?!
We've got that covered too.

Lucky Bloke: the Ultimate Condom Subscription Service: we've carefully researched and hand-selected an international assortment of premium condoms and personal lubricants for, one-time or recurring, global delivery.

Lucky Bloke is pioneering a new way for you to think about pleasure (and, when you need them, buy the very best condoms): non-patronizing customer education coupled with unparalleled customer support. 

Whatever your adventure, we've got you covered!    Indeed!