It Stings When I Use a Condom. Help! Lucky Bloke [Condom Experts]


There's something up if you have any stinging when using condoms. Let's see what we can do to help.

At Lucky Bloke our mission is to lead you to the land of better sex with condoms. With a selection of the world’s best condoms at our fingertips, we’re here to prove that the right condom can actually improve your sex life. Got a question for the Lucky Bloke experts? Let us answer it so you can concentrate on having the hottest safe sex possible!

Dear Lucky Bloke,
When I use condoms with my boyfriend I get this burning feeling in my lady parts - and not in a good way. It’s so uncomfortable that we usually have to stop having sex and remove the condom immediately. I’ve used some condoms before without any problems and obviously, I want to practice safe sex but this sensation is seriously uncomfortable.  Help! Signed, Hot (and not in a good way) in Cleveland

Dear Hot in Cleveland,
Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We’re always happy to help! First of all, let us start off by saying that you’re not alone. There are a few ladies here at Lucky Bloke HQ who have experienced the same thing as you and can attest that it’s not a lot of fun. Sex with condoms can be fun and very pleasurable - however, it all comes down to using the right condoms for your body. (Bear in mind, we are not offering medical or diagnostic advice and finding a better condom for your body is only going to help if you've ruled out a yeast infection or a STI.)

Having said that, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Are you using a condom that comes with spermicide? There are some condoms on the market that include spermicide in the form of Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) - the most common active ingredient in spermicide. Unless you read the condom package carefully before using (which isn’t always realistic in the heat of the moment) there’s a chance that you’ve been using condoms that include spermicide without knowing it and that you’re allergic. For many women, intense and nearly immediate burning and itching sensations in the vaginal area are the first signs of a spermicide allergy. You may also experience pain during intercourse and increased general sensitivity in the genital area.

The good news is that you don’t need to use condoms with spermicide to stay safe and protect yourself against pregnancy and STDs. Luckily, none of the condoms at Lucky Bloke include spermicide which means there are tons of the world’s top condoms just waiting for you to explore!

2) Are you using a condom with stimulating properties,  flavours, or synthetic lubes? Condoms that include stimulating “heating” and “cooling properties”, synthetic flavours, and/or lube can all potentially be irritating to your vagina. Instead, look for a condom that doesn’t include any of these added properties and instead includes a natural  lubricant that doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens like the L Classic condom or GLYDE Ultra.

3) Is the condom you’re using latex? Although you mentioned that you’ve used other condoms before without any problems, there is always a chance that you have developed a latex sensitivity. In this case, people who are latex sensitive will often experience itching and burning either during or after having sex while using a latex condom. Luckily though, there are some fantastic latex free condom options.

We’re big fans of the Lifestyles SKYN condom (and the brand new Lifestyles SKYN Extra Lubricated) - premium condom made from polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers ultimate sensitivity. Polyisoprene provides a softer, more natural feel than latex, combining the strength of latex with the sensitivity of a thinner condom. It also comes in a SKYN Large option for those who need a roomier fit.

Another great option is the FC2 Female Condom which consists of a strong, thin and flexible nitrile sheath inserted into the vagina (up to 2 hours) prior to sex. On a sensual note, nitrile is a heat sensitive material (it warms up and adheres to the vaginal walls during sex) leading to a more natural, pleasurable feeling for both partners - making it a great non-latex option for both partners.

We hope this information is helpful and gets you back on track to having amazing, pleasurable sex with condoms!

Although Lucky Bloke are condom experts, we are not medical professionals. If this condition persists, we suggest you make an appointment with your doctor straightaway.