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It truly is all about the size of the package ... but, not in the way that you might think.

Staying in theme as we wrap up February and National Condom Month, it truly is all about the size of the package — but, not in the way that you might think.
 It is time to take a stand regarding penis size.

Frankly, a large penis doesn't make a man a great kisser, fill him with passion, nor guarantee that he is a remotely competent lover. It is the way a man places his hand on the small of his lover's back. It is the way his warm breath feels against your soft neck. It is the words whispered in an awaiting ear. 6 Condoms To Rev Your Sex Life From Ho-Hum To Woo-Hoo!

These are the conversations we should be having with our Lovers. The conversations we should be having with our friends. The conversations we should be having with our teenage sons. It is well established, yet highly ignored, that the largest sex organ we have is our brain. The irony isn't lost on us that the brain is also bombarded with distorted messaging on what makes a man, a man.

It starts at an early age. Thank you media.
 Well-deserved attention is given to the media's distorted perception of women's bodies and the devastating effects on young girls and women, yet there is no similar outcry over the distorted perception of men's bodies especially regarding "average" penis size.

What messages are we giving to the young boys and men we love? While we can argue day and night that there is no actual correlation between penis size and true manhood — in the media, where are the portrayals of the considerate and competent lover? Want A Hotter Sex Life? The #1 Thing To Know About Female Orgasms

No, instead, we are shown that a man is only popular with the ladies if he is well hung with the stamina of a superhero. We are forced to endure uncomfortable locker room scenes and brutally insensitive remarks from expensively dressed jerks with a woman in a skin-tight dress in one hand and keys to a sports car in another, or beautiful albeit insipid women gossiping and bragging about their well-endowed new lover. (Although, no one considers that the screenwriter creating both scenes was probably someone with a complex!)

A new study, published in the Journal of Sexual Health, provides an eye-opening global overview regarding condom use. The good news first: condom usage is on the rise. The bad news: many condom users unwittingly make serious mistakes when it comes to using and choosing condoms, and the majority of these failures are due to men wearing the wrong size condom. (You mean there are different condom sizes? Why yes, there are.)
 iCondom: Safe Sex At The Click Of An iPhone

Surprisingly, few condom users are educated about the three different sizes of condoms available: small, medium, and large. This critical information is rarely a component of Sex Ed. Of course, high school students are told that they must wear a condom when having sex (or risk death), and, if lucky, they are shown how to use one on a well-endowed banana. However, the dialogue stops there. 

There are no conversations about what a condom should feel like when it is on, or instruction that a new condom must be used for every sex act. (Yes, this means one for foreplay, one for intercourse, and another if the guy has ejaculated, but you are continuing to be intimate.) And these are the issues that circle back to prevalent errors in condom usage as called out in the Kinsey study.

When a condom is too small for a man at best he feels discomfort and loses his erection, at worst, the condom breaks. (He needs a larger condom.) When a condom is too large for a man at best it slips and slides, at worst leaking occurs or it comes off entirely. (He needs a "standard" condom or he requires a smaller condom.) Whether too big or too small, the man is focused on his discomfort. Both pleasure and safety are severely compromised.

Additionally, most of the free condoms distributed through public health make it appear that one-size-fits-all. This couldn't be further from the truth, and in fact increases the stigma regarding penis size. It is estimated that, worldwide, 50% of men have an "average" size penis and require what is known as an "average" or standard condom.  With 30% of men, globally, requiring a more tailored or smaller condom.

It is the final minority, 20% of men that actually require a larger condom. Interestingly, due to the media and marketing obsession with the greatly endowed, 80% of the attention is given to 20% of the population. It is both men with "smaller" as well as even "average" sized penises that suffer, which results in a staggering 80% of men who have to deal with this issue each and every day. 11 Surprising Facts About America's Sexual Behavior

Condom manufacturers need to take the blame too. Trojan has created explosively popular branding with the Magnum franchise. Yet C'mon, only 20% of the men on the planet could even safely wear a Magnum condom. Trojan has set an alarming precedent. They do not even offer a small-sized condom option. Boutique brands have followed suit ignoring 30% of the population entirely. What kind of message does this send to men?

A man's self-image is intrinsically tied, especially on the subconscious level, to the size of his penis. Therefore, dealing (day in and day out) with the societal influences and messaging can have dire consequences to his self-esteem, especially when you consider that men who are comfortable with their penises report feeling generally happier and more confident. 6 Ways To Be Mindfully Zen During Sex For SERIOUSLY Intense Orgasms

Further, studies show that 85% percent of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size, compared to only 55% percent of men being satisfied with their own size. Women appreciating their lovers is great news, but it also shows that the damage is already imbedded into men's psyche far before they couple up.

Truth be told (and getting medical here …), women's vagina sizes vary greatly too. So, a compatible couple rests on mutual fit far more than relying on solely how a man measures up. So what is a couple that wants to be safe and enjoy their sex life to the fullest, to do?
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Conventional retail stores don't seem to understand the importance of size and fit. Their condom and personal lubricant selections are often limited and the differences between brands is obscure. If you want to buy condoms online, generally, it is no better. Many condom e-tailers force visitors to sort through hundreds of condom styles. Generally, these websites lack clear and concise size and quality guidance, and often offer inaccurate, misleading, or confusing information.

However, LuckyBloke.com offers a radically new approach to online condom buying. And, it is integrated into a simple, refreshingly intuitive shopping experience. First, visitors are prompted  to establish their perfect condom size. Next, product messaging is clear, concise, and accurate. Since Lucky Bloke customers select size and fit first, the essential foundation for safety and pleasure is covered from the get-go. Lucky Bloke customers can easily find and buy condoms and personal lubricants that meet their specific needs — all from the comfort and privacy of their home, dorm, or office. 5 Sexual Myths That Are Holding You Back From REALLY Good Sex

Lucky Bloke is committed to supporting public awareness and furthering the dialogue on condom fit and its ties to safety and pleasure. To ensure that the conversation continues beyond National Condom Month (February), Lucky Bloke is teaming up with GLYDE America to offer free Condom Sizing Sampler Kits. These kits will provide the three different sizes of condoms available, and will allow users to determine which size is their perfect fit. All individuals that register at LuckyBloke.com (with their email and desired shipping address) will receive a free sizing kit — no purchase necessary (while supplies last).

If you would like more personalized support, Lucky Bloke has your back (or, your front!) Did you know that LuckyBloke.com offers a free (no purchase required) Condom Concierge Service via email [getlucky(at)luckybloke(dot)com]? Our Condom Concierge Service offers very specific consumer support in relative anonymity. The Condom Concierge is trained to offer comprehensive support regarding proper condom sizing, as well as sharing comparative information regarding product specifications and attributes. 3 Ways To Have Honeymoon Sex Tonight

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