Can I Use a Condom in Water? Lucky Bloke, Condom Experts, Answer

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In the shower, swimming pool or hot tub – here are the ins and outs of using condoms in water.

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Dear Lucky Bloke, I’ve always wanted to try having sex in a pool but I don’t want to compromise on safety. Is it safe to use a condom underwater (ie. in the shower, swimming pool, lake etc.) Do you have any advice?  Signed, Curious  in California

Dear Curious in California,

To answer your question: Yes, you can absolutely use condoms while in water. Provided the condom stays on the penis, it will provide the same protection as under normal circumstances.

Whether you’re getting busy in the shallow end or sharing a shower together, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the experience is safe and sexy.

1. Put on the condom when the penis is outside of the water - Not only is putting on a condom underwater extremely difficult, it can cause water to seep in, making the condom more likely to slip off. Putting a condom on properly while on “dry land” will help minimize this risk.

2. Use a silicone lubricant - When you think of hot sex, the words “slippery” and “wet” definitely come to mind - especially when you’re talking about sex in water. However, sex and water don’t naturally mix. Having sex in water can actually create more friction that normal. Although most condoms come lubricated with a water based lube, sex in water can wash away the lubricant, making for a potentially uncomfortable situation.

To keep things sexy and reduce the risk of condom breakage, use a silicone lubricant like the stylish and oh-so-slippery überlube, ONE’s Move Lube  (the name says it all), or Sliquid Naturals Silver Lube which is super long lasting, vegan, paraben free and 100% waterproof - all of which are available in small travel packs, perfect for taking your water sex to the next level.

To mix things up a bit, you could also use an ultra-thin condom like the Kimono Microthin Condom which comes already lubricated with a thick, ultra smooth, silicone based lubricant and then use extra lube as needed.

3. Communicate with your partner - Typically, if a man is able to maintain an erection
the whole time he is wearing a condom, it’s unlikely water will seep inside. However if he loses his erection momentarily (which is quite common for men) just be aware that it is possible for water to enter the condom, therefore increasing the chances of it slipping off.

Water can also be pushed inside the condom during the motions of sex. To keep things as safe as possible, communicate openly with your partner and so you can both keep tabs on what’s happening with the condom.

4. Using a condom (for the entire act) is always better than using none at all - Whether you’re on dry land or having a steamy rendezvous in your favorite body of water, you should always play safe – starting with foreplay throughout the act, you need the same protection you would need whether in a hot tub or bedroom.

As a recap, to make your underwater sexy times as safe as possible, put the condom on properly (before getting wet!), use a silicone lubricant and communicate with your partner to ensure that the condom stays on and doesn’t wander off somewhere downstream - the last thing you want to do is create an unwelcome surprise for future bathers! (Or, if you're not ready, create a future bather of your own.)

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