How To Make Him Crazy For You


BEHAVIOR - Think of how you behave when you're not really into someone and behave that way with the person you are into. When you don't care, you take your time returning calls, texts and emails. Sometimes you even ignore the texts and emails and don't respond. You may even get upset with them if they text too much!

ATTITUDE - When you like someone, your attitude is: I have to have this person. When you're not that interested, you naturally hang back and have a wait and see attitude. You think: We'll see what happens; maybe they'll grow on me. It's this attitude and the above behavior that makes you most attractive.

One thing to keep in mind is that while you want to practice limiting your availability, having a wait and see attitude and throwing doubt into the mix, you must treat the person well. People like you because of how they feel when they are with you. So compliment, appreciate and praise - just don't seem too eager to see them.

PPR is not an easy thing to do because you naturally want to see/talk to the one you like as much as possible.  However, if you're willing to initially limit your contact, the long term reward is worth the short term discomfort.

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