Why Men Love Liking Women, Not Loving Them


Ran across a swarm of men that just don't wanna commit 100%? Have you fallen, and he hasn't?

Have you often wondered why men, don't fall as easy as women do? I am sure you're probably saying thats just men. They are always the last to fall.

Have you feel for a man before, mustered up the courage to tell him your in love... To have him say uh uh, I don't know what to say back.

It sucks when (1) person falls in the other isn't even close to being on the same page as you. 

The Question?

Why do men like women, and not Love them?

Is it you? Do you put off some kind of I can't Love you spell. No it's not you but instead of getting your hopes up and falling for a man and him not falling also, wouldn't it be nice to understand why men like you instead of Love you?


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This will be a short article because The real advice is on my blog, and you will see more in detial why men act like this.

Even if your with a man right now, this article might be the last thing you read before you tell your man I LOVE YOU, don't get dropped like a hot poto make sure you know that your man loves you or if he is only on like with you..


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