What Makes A Man Commit To A Woman?


Dealing with a non-committal type boyfriend? Here's how to deal.

Does your boyfriend give you excuse after excuse about not settling down, and moving toward the next, more serious step in your relationship? Maybe you want to move in together, or even take a vacation out-of-state, and that requires him to make a full 100% commitment to you on being there, taking time off work, and giving you all of his attention.

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Men don't like when something isn't their idea, when they feel like they have to do something, it really plays with their minds, and they often shut down or push you away and think that's an easier solution then fighting through their commitment issues. This gets even worse when you try to dig around your boyfriend's mind and probe to figure out what's really bothering them.

When you probe you're pushing yourself out of the relationship, instead of getting closer to him, I know this sounds backwards but it is so true, you push and push without even sounding pushy and to your man it will just shut him down and lead you to being shut out for good.

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