The Magic Of Making Up: 3 Things To Never Do

The Magic Of Making Up: 3 Things To Never Do

You want your ex back right? Okay then, here are 3 things never to do or say to your ex lover

Chin up friend, there is change ahead and you can turn this all around for the good. Your relationships can be saved if your willing to do a little extra work and some tweaking. Don't worry you're not alone through this, I will be there step by step helping you, no worries about rejection or looking hopless like you can't move on or anything like that.

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The rule to making up with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend (even for divorced couples this can work also), is not to hound them or get angery and pressure them into talking with you.

It's more like the cooler, calm, collect, apprach wins the race in this one. It's hard sometimes to stay calm because your heart is broken and all you want is things to go back the way they use to be.

But your ex isn't ready to just for get and forgive and let things go back to normal. This is where you need to reensure them, show them things can be different prove is in the pudding!

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P.S. 85 percent of people who follow this advice of making up save their relationships! 

It's not impossible even when your situation seems impossible. There is always hope!

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