The 3 Traffic Light Signals Of Commitment


Men are like a traffic light when it to comes stages in their commitment to a women.

What are the 3 traffic signals of a man?

Just like when driving you got Green, go on through all things are cool, then you have yellow, caution slow down, danger a head. Then there is RED stop, don't move stand still.

Men are a lot like these 3 signals, some guys are green with their relationships, they are happy and ready to move forward no fear, no second thoughts. When your man is on Green thats good news for and you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Now if your man is on yellow or even red, the question is how do you get them back to green?

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Signs of your man being on yellow.

How to know when you b/f is being cautious or is having weird gut feelings about the relationship.

When your b/f starts to spend more time away from you than your use to, something is bothering him, not don't take this as he wants to break up or he is cheating that has nothing to do with it.

Your b/f is dealing with an un easy feeling that is deep inside of him, and he isn't sure how to process those feelings.

Hint this is yellow type behavior.

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Not to alarm you or anything, but when this type of behavior occurs you should start to seek solutions and worry that he is stuck in a major rut and your relationships is also.

Men get stuck on Red for many of reason, work pressure,commitment pressure,family drama,fearing the un known.


Lot's of factors for men to get stuck on RED, the last thing you the girl friend want to do is blame yourself or get upset that he isn't talking or expressing him self.

He is like stuck in a emotion comma right now, and it's tough to break.

Their is good news, with these few things you put in place, in a few words that can bring him out of his emotion comma, your man can go from stone cold RED to fast pace GREEN in Know time!

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P.S don't blame him, or pressure him when he is in these stages it could end the relationship.