3 Reasons Why Men Over Look You

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Why do all the good guys end up with the wrong type of woman? Can't men see your worth?!

It's real hard when all you want in life is to just share the love and passion you have with that special someone, but yet you never get that chance. All those other women get the good ones. The women who don't deserve their attention and love. How many time have you seen a guy you know would be just right for you, but he over looks you and goes with the completely wrong woman...A lot right? What if there was a reason why this was happening to you? What if there was away you could put an end to being overlooked in less then 24 hours?

The good news is that you can have that prince charming and you don't have to be overlooked just because he is blinded by the other women. You're just missing a few key points on how to really stand out in his eyes.

These next 3 tips will give you exactly what you need to grab, "Mr. Right's" attention and be asked out next Friday night. Before you read these tips, there is a quick video that will shine light on the steps in a helpful way. It will really help you understand the mans eye and what he really looks for in a women of his interest!

Watch It Here First

Okay as I promised, here are the steps to not get overlooked anymore by men:

Tip 1: Men are surface level type people. They fall in love later, but they are attracted to what they can't have first. Confused? Let me explain. Men like to work, but they don't like to work too hard. Be hard to get but not impossible to get. Make sense? If you can master that than you just smased the first step, and that's getting "Mr. Right's" attention. Also the video talks all about how to become an attention graber in a man's eyes! Heres The Video Again

Tip 2: Once you got his attention, how are you going to keep it? Always remember men, are like a two-year-old child when it comes to their attetion span. You must keep on going, while keeping them on their toes the whole time you're on the date. Now by no means did I say act crazy, or confuse the heck out of the guy, but be different. Be that hard to get personality, even though you really like him.

Tip 3: Be involved. There's nothing more a man loves than when a women gets exicted about an idea or a dream that he has. If he has opened up to you and decided to share something special to him, be alert, listen and ask quetions. Get involved in what he is happy about because when you are involved in his passion and care about his interest, that man will never leave your side. Once again don't just read this article and be done. Watch the video to the end that explains every single detial you need to have that "Mr. Right" next to you for long time to come. Watch This Friends.

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