Inner Dialogue, Can You Trust It? Is It Telling Truths or Lies?


Challenge that inner voice and you'll be amazed on the effect it has on your life and success.

Nag nag nag, that's all they ever do! How often have we heard someone say that about their other half?

Have you ever taken a moment and listened to your own inner nag? I've gotta say, mine can be pretty bonkers. She will often switch camps and go against something that a few weeks ago she was really into. She can fixate on something, often from so far back its covered in dust and surrounded by cobwebs, and don't get me started with the wouldda, couldda, shouldda's. Wow can she go to town with those!

Any of this ringing a bell with you, then have a go at this... On your next day off, tune in and take some notes on what your inner dialogue has to say about life. Then ask yourself, if my best friend or a stranger was saying this to me, how would I feel about it?

Would you believe everything they say without doing a bit of research yourself? Could you trust them if one minute they said one thing and the next they did an about turn and said the opposite? If they asked you to do something and your gut told you clearly to leave well enough alone, would you ignore it and do as your mate says?

If you have ever wondered why you feel worn out all the time, just take stock of how much energy your inner dialogue is stealing from you every day. How different would your life be if you invested that energy into something that was beneficial to you?

Let me give you an example...

Its just been Christmas and funds are a little tight. You've done your budget and providing nothing else happens between now and pay day, everything should just about be covered. Then the inner chat begins... Quite often it will start with the "what if's". What if the car breaks down, I get the flu and have to take time off work, I don't get sick pay... how will I manage... the bills won't get paid.. I could lose my car, my house, and then I'd lose my job..!

Wow all that in just a few minutes, I'm stressed just writing about it, let alone listening to it. So at first you aren't really paying that much attention to your inner voice (I've named mine Dotty Doris by the way). So then your Doris puts that conversation on a loop, it goes over and over the what if's, each time just adding a little more drama than the time before. Now you're listening, starting to feel the panic rise up, fear creeps in... your heart speeds up, your chest feels tight, you get a bit clammy...

What started out as a pretty well balanced cheerful day has just gone out the window, you're quietly freaking out. Perhaps you're at work, you can't let on that you've got stuff going on at home, and yet you still begin to lose focus on the task in hand. Work piles up and at the end of the day your boss has a pop at you for not doing your job.

You go home, dragging the weight of your day behind you, the traffic has been super busy and you are back later than you had planned. Which stressed you out even more;  just when you think it can't possibly get any worse... You snap at your other half and end up taking it out on the people you care about the most. Now that puts a real dampener on your evening, and you go to bed in a right pickle. But your Doris doesn't stop there, oh no, now she has you all to herself! And the onslaught begins... picking it all apart, laying on the guilt and even bringing out the "you're not good enoughs"!

Phew, writing that was exhausting, living it must be even more of a drain... In just a few hours your inner Doris has really done a number on you, and to what end?

So how about challenging the habit of listening and reacting to those unhelpful conversations? Become a silent witness... If thoughts become things and you've just spent a day in the pit of doom and gloom, how can you manifest your dreams and desires... its been well documented that focusing on what you don't have tends to bring you more of the same.

So the next time you become aware of this happening... be very firm with yourself and choosy with your thoughts, be focused on what you wish to attract into your life, spend your beautiful energy wisely and it will repay you many many times over.

In no time at all the energy of success will begin to flow through you. You will have the head space to follow the little nudges life gives you in the right direction, and from there life will improve, you can attract the right opportunities to you so that you can realise your dreams.

So get those dreams ready, and make them big!

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