Be the best parent!


Is your child picking up your bad habits? Learn the secret to stress-free parenting!

This space is pure cosmic intelligence ripe with potential!
As a parent we need to connect to that possibility  - that cosmic potential.
If we do not connect to that Divine space and help it to grow, we are stunting the child’s growth by imposing our negative patterns of fear and greed on the child.

In my house, my husband is big on using the stick of fear and occasionally the carrot of greed. I use the carrot of greed and occasionally the stick of fear. So we disagree! The truth is that neither of us is right!! The right way to parent is to stick with the facts of THE world not MY world which is colored with so much judgment!

As a parent we erroneously think, I am the parent. I am older and wiser. My child is a blank slate on which to impose my idea of how their life should evolve. The problem is most of us adults already have a corrupted operating system – then we are just passing the viruses onto their operating system! To make it worse, we impose our unfulfilled dreams and ambitions on them too!

We need to understand and listen to them so we can get into their space first before any communication can happen. Otherwise it’s like we are speaking a foreign language to them! When we impose our control before understanding them first, they will only become angry and frustrated with us, which we then try to control more! 

So only after listening and understanding your child, then respond to the situation.If you just react, then you will 're-Act' the same situation over and over again which your child will likely 're-Act'! Eventually as you consistently connect to their inner space first, it only takes a look from you to give them a course correction!