Stop Killing The Romance & Get To The Heart Of Happiness

Stop Killing The Romance & Get To The Heart Of Happiness
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5 Ways to give yourself the gift of true authentic love for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day.

It’s just a day, right?

Wrong. Expectations are high. Disappointments are high. Self love and appreciation seem to be at an all-time low on this one particular day of the year. Perhaps that this is why there are more relationship break-ups on this day than any other day of the year.

Why do we keep searching for happiness, joy, love and appreciation outside ourselves? Failing to grab a hold of it, we find ourselves trying even harder! The more we search elsewhere for love, the more frustration we experience. 

Really, why do we place our happiness in the hands of another?

Why do we think someone else can do a better job of pleasing us than we can ourselves?

As a forgiveness teacher, I know that a fundamental key to happiness is to go with the flow of life, allowing and accepting what we experience. Yet, we try to control others to do or become what we think we want, believing that they will make us happy.

This in turn leads to a never-ending cycle of control, force, domination, manipulation, giving in and essentially dehumanizing our mates, the ones we love so much.

I am as guilty as the next person, I admit it. My husband and I now have a non-valentines holiday celebration and it ends up still being filled with expectations and pressures not to disappoint the other.

We’ve killed the romance.

It is time to get to the heart of what makes you happy. Are you ready?

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