Sex and Power, Power and Sex


Arnold Schwarzenegger's adultery reminds us that men with power and moral corruption go hand in hand

Arnold, how could you?

It is such a sad state of affairs when we realize over and over again, our politicians, our sport role models, our Hollywood icons, lack the integrity we place on them. It is so easy to tout “family values.” It is another thing to live them. We are waking up to the fact that the people who lecture us most about these so called “family values” are the ones who often have the most to hide.

Power hungry men, men with real money, power, clout, fame, appeal, seem to put themselves into a category of “I don’t have to play by anyone else’s rules!”

Let’s look at the last few years of Adultery/cheating in America:

Of course President Clinton pops into my mind, even though that was 10 years ago. Then there is my favorite hypocrite of them all, Presidential Candidate and ex Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. We know he cheated on his first two wives and then had the gall to lead the campaign to impeach President Clinton for cheating while he himself was cheating with his own staffer! The world of politics has brought us Presidential hopefuls such as Gary Hart, John Edwards, and former Vice President Al Gore. (We all know the tragedy of John Edward’s affair while his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer!) Remember Senator Larry Craig? He was the man having anonymous gay sex in public restrooms yet touted anti-gay rhetoric. Then there are Governors Mark Sanford and Elliot Spitzer. We unfortunately add Arnold Schwarzenegger to that list. We have the infamous Tiger Woods and Jesse James, who cheated on perhaps some of the most stunningly beautiful wives in the world. I have to ask the age old question: What makes these men cheat?

I remember an Oprah interview with Chris Rock, where he said that cheating is not only on your wife, it’s on your whole family. You love your wife, you love your kids, and therefore you just don’t do it.

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