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Getting what she asked for

Getting what she asked for

Recently I was speaking with a young woman. She was in tears so I asked her why she was crying. She told me this story:

She has been looking for her soulmate for a long time and is getting worried that he is not out there. She is so desperate that while on vacation she decided to see a psychic. The psychic was amazing! She told her not only that she would soon meet the man of her dreams but she told her the exact date she would do so. Not only that but she also told her where and what time. Then the psychic went on to describe this wonder man, his looks, even what he would be wearing. How lucky could a person be. All she had to do was show up at the prescribed place at the designated time and magically they would meet and fall in love. Just to be sure the young lady went to "the place" every day for two weeks before "the date" and sadly for two weeks after. She showed up an hour before "the time" and stayed for an hour after. He never showed.

She decided to take matters to the Universe. She asked for a companion who would love her unconditionally. Someone who would cuddle with her, give her limitless kisses, and listen to her every word. She did mantras, meditations, prayers, anything she could think of. But nothing was happening. She is so stressed. Her family takes advantage of her and she is so busy with school. To top it off her sister dumped her dog on her. She hates this so much but understands that it is not the dogs fault. She treats the dog with love and respect. The dog cuddles with her every night and gives her kisses every chance he gets. He is always by her side and listens to her every word. Why can't she find a man like that.

I asked her to think back on what exactly she asked the Universe for? Did she not get what she had asked for in the dog? She needed to step back and reassess. Not only her needs but her wants as well as where she is in her life. Is there room for someone else right now? Perhaps the Universe sent her the dog because she is not ready for a relationship with another person but did not want her to think no one was listening. She realized that her life is in to much chaos right now and she needed to build a better relationship with herself first. She also needed to see all of the blessings in her life instead of constantly looking for someone else to make her happy. 



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