How To Live Your Best Life After 50

How To Live Your Best Life After 50 [EXPERT]
Love, Self

With age comes greater wisdom to lead a joyful life.

At one time I feared leaving my maidenhood behind to enter my time as a crone — even the word "crone" sounded nasty, to me, while "Maiden" just rolls off the lips with visions of fairies and nubile Rubenesque paintings.

As we age, if we are travelling solo, we realize what a magnificent life we have and perhaps yearn to share that magnificence with someone we adore. Even the feeling of yearning comes to us from the spiritual gifts of thought and consciousness. The same gifts allow us to feel the love that is in the Universe, readily absorbable. A life partner is no longer a necessity, because you now know that you are what you had been looking for.

Nonetheless, you also now know how to have a great partnership should you be gifted with one. In the present, you are free to adore your friends, pets, and relatives. That is living an intelligent life.

Now that you know, you don't have to wait until you age. You do need to know enough about your innate health and how to access it, to make a difference in your life now. You can find people of all ages who did just that -- here.