How To Live Your Best Life After 50

How To Live Your Best Life After 50 [EXPERT]
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With age comes greater wisdom to lead a joyful life.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

• Paying attention to the important things in life and minimizing the effects of less important things, makes sense;
• It's never a good idea to sweat the small stuff;
• It doesn't make sense to take ourselves too seriously; and
• It really doesn’t matter what people think of us.

You are free to be whoever you want to be. You will experience me and I you, through personal perceptions. There is a confidence that is delicious and palpable with an understanding that we are all part of an amazing and infinite Universe that is divinely intelligent. We each utilize the gift of thought to express divine wisdom in an infinite variety of ways.

As a single female, the perspective from which I write, I can tell you that based upon the men I've known personally and in my practice as a marriage and family therapist, older men typically appreciate and enjoy the seasoned, wise companionship of an experienced woman. Several have reported the ability to have the fun and excitement of their teenage years all over again and with the addition of maturity and wisdom. It's even better!

I've arrived at the following:

Crone is a Woman no longer controlled by menstrual cycles, usually over age 50. She is also called "wise woman" for her independent trial by error life lessons, and resilience to adapt.

"Some age naturally, others fix their dents like a car. It's all good. Let no one tell you how to age correctly. Speak less, smile wisely ... for maximum empowering essence." — Maya Angelou

"In Ancient Days, it was the crone that was the seasoned leader of tribes and made survival decisions. The crone married, birthed, healed and performed rites for the tribe. Her University was the Wisdom that comes from life survival. She proudly wore the hieroglyphics of wisdom on her face, as they spoke of her spiritual journey. Her duty to herself is to follow what gives her most confidence, to live her own path with grace. Today's women of wisdom do not have to follow any stereotype, she is free to live as she chooses and to be her own soul mate with or without a partner. Free of hormonal swings of her youth, she is now free to be true to herself and to soar like no other time in her life." — The Prairie Crone.