Can You Have Sex Without Love & Is It Healthy?

  • we’re born into a particular sex
  • we’re given a last name
  • we’re given a family, a tribe, a religion
  • we’re taught to believe certain things from parents, relatives, teachers, coaches and clergy.
  • we garner opinions and beliefs from magazines, books and comic strips that we’ve read along the way.

We are each the sum total of how we think about things and ourselves amongst those things. It’s no one’s fault, it just is. We can’t help it.... But, we can understand that people think differently and so not take it personally. We can understand that we can decide if we agree with the things we’re told or taught. We have free will, whether we realize ir or not. Therein lies our health, which provides the answer to the second part of the original question:

Is It Healthy To Have Sex Without Love?

Can you see, that it is if you think it is? Health is not a judgement, it is an experience. Since all of our experience comes to us via thought and consciousness, and we think what we think - we will get the experience of whatever we think. I know this seems convoluted, but if you’ve been following along up until now, you will no doubt see what I mean. Consciousness makes all of our thoughts seem real, or come to life.

What about the other person’s feelings, you might be asking yourself? Don’t they count? Yes, they count if you think they count, and only then. It’s your thoughts and so it’s your experience.

So, it may be perfectly healthy and acceptable amongst many cultures, domestically and internationally -- but:

Is It Optimal?

Most people would say that the experience of sex with love is on a whole different plane than sex without love. The former seems to be connected to a spiritual side of life, that not everyone has been exposed to. I would say -- lucky for you if you have and then you wouldn’t want to settle for something less.

Sex without love seems to be connected to the physical world alone, which is only a small part of what is available to us. Sex with love is experienced at the core of people, where their innate health resides - apart from the personal thoughts, insecurities and beliefs, we are all so capable of, which will only cover up, but can never obliterate our healthy core. Like the sun behind clouds - it's always there, it just gets covered up at times; but it's only temporary.

Now here's an interesting point - when a person is operating from their core of health, we call it: "innate health," before the contamination of egocentric thoughts, we automatically take the other person's feelings into consideration, it's the natural side effect of a healthy thought process.This is where we access an intelligence called wisdom that lets us know if we are being influenced by some unhealthy thinking or responding to life in a way that is healthy for us. People frequently say; “I knew I shouldn't have had sex with that person”........ we always know what to do. we just have to realize we have this wisdom and listen to it.

The hope is that those who have experienced sex with love will provide examples for those who have not. It seems to me that the more people in touch with their spiritual essence, the better the world will be.

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