Are You Aged or Ageless?


What are you? Aging or ageless? Checklist of ideas

Are you aged?

  • Too many logo's- on your glasses, handbag, shoes and clothing. Yikes enough is enough
  • Too much embroidery and embellishment on clothing especially your jeans. Do I see puff paint?
  • Cheap and clunky accessories- you know what I mean
  • Matching from head to toe. Blend your colors and vary a bit
  • Pantyhose with sandals. Need I say more?
  • Your "ladies" hanging down to your waist. Screams 'matronly mama'
  • BIG off -the -shoulder collars, Joan Collins has left the building
  • Clothes from the junior department, when you are no longer a junior!
  • ANY holiday 3-D sweaters, oh please....
  • Lace and ruffles... together... in one outfit
  • Boxy, baggy 'bag-a-rag' clothing
  • Too tight clothing
  • Anything your Grandma Mary would wear... and still does

Are you ageless:


  • Pearls and diamonds- simple and elegant
  • A good handbag without too many whistle and bells, 
  • Pants/jeans and skirts that fit you impeccably
  • Cute stylish flats and sleek pumps
  • Knee-skimming skirts and dresses
  • The perfect basic simple dress in a dark color that can be dressed up or down
  • Mixing textures together-more visually interesting
  • A great trenchcoat
  • Scarves, around your neck, tied to your handbag, and wrapped around your head on a windy day
  • Interesting vintage jewelry
  • Tailored classics
  • Metallic shoes for evening, NOT work
  • Cardigans. Gobble them up
  • Hats that work with your facial and head shape,so chic
  • A well cut blazer/jacket/suit

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