8 Ways To Get Over A Break-Up Quickly


The sooner you get over your ex the better.

5) Your Ex has Moved On: When your ex has moved on it is even more important for you to move-on. Fretting about an ex that is happily dating someone new is a waste of time.

6) Look at Your Bills: Bills can pile up no matter if you’re happy or sad, so there is no time to be down about your ex.  Take the opportunity to get busy and take care of yourself.

My blog Youdivorceday.com offers lots of helpful ways to get over your split.

7) Clearer Picture: Get rid of any photos of your ex around the house or on your cell phone or computer. You don’t need their photo popping up by accident

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8) Flirtation: You might not be ready to date someone new yet, but some flirtation will bring up your spirits and get you into the mode of meeting new people.

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