Why You Should Break Up Before Valentines Day

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The only thing worse than being alone on Valentines Day is being in a relationship you can't stand.

5. Wake up on your own. If you have sex with him, chances are you're spending the night together. So, not only do you have to spend Valentines Day together, but also the morning after. Who wants to wake up to someone they don't like? If you break up now, you can start fresh on your own terms on February 15.

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6. No more "I love yous." Greeting cards to your lover are part of the deal on Valentines Day. If you break up before February 14, you don't have to write "I love you" in a card when you don't really feel the emotion.

7. No more social media tagging. If you break up before Valentines Day, you don't have to worry about being tagged in any photos from your Valentines Day dinner date. This is a step in the right direction for your new life as a single person on Facebook.

8. Celebrate singles night. Don't worry about being alone on Valentines Day. There are lots of singles parties that are happening with people looking to connect with someone. If you break up prior to the holiday, you can go to one of these places where everyone is looking for new love.

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