5 Break-Up Mistakes


Here’s a list of mistakes that you can’t afford to repeat after your break-up.

Break-ups can be upsetting for both people involved.  While the two of you may be ready to move on, change can be a tough thing for people to deal with.  Many of us make similar break-up mistakes as we make an attempt to move forward. We often look to the past because it represents a comfort zone. 

If you recently broke up with someone, here are five break-up mistakes you should avoid. If you do, you will get over your ex faster!

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1) You Stay in Touch With Your Ex: The only reason to stay in touch with someone you break-up with is if you have a child with them.  Otherwise, silence will help you get over each other more quickly.


2) You Contact Another Ex: Getting in touch with a prior ex of yours is not moving ahead. Don’t call an ex. Instead, you should wait to meet someone new.


3) You Visit the Same Places: Many people still go to the same places that they went with their ex. Choose a different coffee shop to get your morning brew. Or, go to a different restaurant to eat dinner. New places will introduce you to new people and you won’t have memories that can be emotionally painful.

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4) You Look at Old Photos: When you begin to look at photos on your Facebook, Instagram and iPhone of you and your ex when you were together, it’s retrogressing. It’s nice to remember your ex with positive pictures. However, right after a break-up is way too soon. Maybe take a look at the photos in six months when you realize you weren’t right for each other.


5) You Get Back Together: People tend to have a selective memory for just the good things and then one moment of sentimental weakness and you’re back with the person you wanted to break up with for the past year.  Don’t get back together.  

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