Nice Guys Finish Last (And that’s a good thing!)

Nice Guys Finish Last (And that’s a good thing!)

Nice Guys Are Sweet
Nice guys plan great dates. And pay attention to your likes and dislikes for future dates. Nice guys show up on your doorsteps with flowers. Not long-stemmed red roses that give a “too much too soon” vibe. But pretty spring flowers that will remind you of the great time you had long after he drops you off with a quick kiss and a promise to call again.

Nice Guys Call
I think we can all agree. Guys who say they’ll call and then never do are SO last year. Because there are nice guys who actually call when they say they’re going to. And when they call, chances are they’re going to tell you what an amazing time they had on your last date. They’ll even ask you out again. All you have to do is be gracious and say yes. Bad boys may have conditioned you to think dating and relationships have to be hard but the truth is, with a nice guy things are fabulous, fun, and drama-free! (And isn’t that what you deserve?)

Nice Guys Are Smart
Remember the hottie slackers we lusted after in high school and college? Not so hot anymore, are they? What’s super hot in 2010 are smart guys. They have good jobs. And pay their bills. And listen to NPR or watch PBS or have a subscription to Newsweek or The Atlantic Monthly or National Review. Which not only makes them well-informed, but excellent conversationalists. And who doesn’t want a guy who can both listen AND share?

Nice Guys Are Ambitious
Maybe they’re not as flashy as those career-obsessed men we used to think would make great husbands/providers. Or maybe they don’t toot their own horn on a daily basis. But don’t be fooled, Ladies. Nice guys possess ambition. They just don’t feel the need to broadcast their accomplishments to the world. An ambitious guy who doesn’t brag and boast all the time? Jackpot!

Nice Guys Are Attentive
Ambition’s important. But nice guys strike a balance between professional ambition and their personal lives. Sure, they give a lot of time and energy to their careers. But nice guys recognize the value of a good woman and make time for you even during hectic times. Nice guys snuggle on the couch. And cook you dinner. And remind you every day how much they love you.

Nice Guys Are Passionate
Let’s be honest. We assume nice guys are bad kissers. Bland in bed. Inexperienced, right? Not true! Nice guys can be just as passionate – if not more so – than those emotionally stunted bad boys we’ve been dating all these years. And nice guys aren’t just passionate in the sack, they’re passionate in life. Nice guys volunteer. Nice guys recycle. Nice guys love women. Nice guys aim to please. And who doesn’t want a man who loves his life AND knows how to go downtown? Can I get an Amen?!

Nice Guys Are Sexy
Not only are they passionate, but nice guys are definitely sexy! Maybe they’ll never be on a billboard in Times Square in their underwear. But when he wears that blue t-shirt that shows off his deliciously broad shoulders and those jeans that hug his butt just right? HELLO! Who needs a himbo with six pack abs and narcissistic tendencies when we can have a nice guy with soulful eyes that focus on you?

Nice Guys Take It Slow
Nothing’s sexier than a man who isn’t in a rush to get in your pants. Sure, you want to be wanted. But you don’t want to be groped on Date #2. Or have to fend off grabby hands before you’re ready to give up the goods. Nice guys get that. It’s not that they don’t want you. It’s just that they’re not in a hurry to heat things up until they know you better. So the next time you’re baffled by a boy who seems content to just kiss on his couch, remember this – taking things slow may be new to you, but that nice guy is definitely worth the wait!

Nice Guys Let Us Finish First
OK, Ladies. How many of us have fallen victim to the hot guy who skips over foreplay or races to orgasm before we even heard the starter pistol? Oh yeah. Been there, done that. Never again. And with nice guys, you don’t have to worry about that! Nice guys want you to finish first. In fact, they do everything in their power to ensure you finish first. They’re in no rush. They like and respect you AND think you’re hot. And they know the secret to keeping a good woman happy is to meet her needs – in AND out of bed. (Honestly, if that doesn’t cause you to reconsider nice guys, I don’t know what will!)

So there you have it. The little known secrets of nice guys. They may let us finish first but isn’t it time they got props for doing so? Woohoo!

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