New Year, New You: Success strategies for singles in 2010

Happy New Year! As 2010 unfolds, I hope you’re filled with hope, optimism, and action. If you’re single and looking to either let go of your ex once and for all, become a man magnet, or manifest the love of your life in 2010, you most likely need to cultivate some healthy new habits. The following five tips will get you started on the path of health, happiness, and hot dates in the coming year…

Tip #1: Clear out mental/emotional clutter
Hung up on an ex? Stuck in a negative emotional space? Paralyzed by some kind of fear? Your mission in 2010 is to clear out any residual mental/emotional clutter you may be clinging to. It's the clutter that may be holding you back from a life you can truly live and love. So do yourself a favor and take an inventory of your emotional baggage. Then repeat after me: I deserve to live and love my life as it is right now!

Tip #2: Keep a gratitude journal
While there will always be something we wish we could change (our bodies, our debt, our job, etc.), it's important to make peace with our lives as they are right now. That doesn't mean you can't strive for change. It just means you need to take time to be grateful for your life right now. Every day, write down five things you are grateful for. You can start with this: I am grateful for my life as it is right now!

Tip #3: Be honest about what you want
Having trouble living and loving your life? The next step in living and loving your life is to be honest about what you truly desire in life. Want to find real and lasting love? Make it a priority! Want to change jobs? Work towards making it happen. Want to pay off debt or go back to school? Make a plan and go for it. And repeat after me: I owe it to myself to go after what I really want!

Tip #4: Break up with limiting relationship beliefs
Take a quick survey of your past relationships. What do they have in common? Aside from the fact that they all ended, the other common denominator is you. No, I'm not saying you're the problem. But you may have some limiting relationship beliefs that are hindering your ability to have a successful long-term loving relationship. I'll show you how to break up with these beliefs in the coming months. For now, repeat this: I am ready, willing, and able to kick my limiting relationship beliefs to the curb!

Tip #5: Create a new love/life vocabulary
Are you stuck in relationship limbo because you just can't visualize healthy, whole love? Then it's time for you to create a new love vocabulary. Here's how. Write down a few current beliefs about love. For example, you may believe love is hard. Now, replace that negative vocabulary with positive vocabulary, i.e. love is beautiful. Repeat this exercise every day for 30 days. You'll be surprised at how your outlook can change in just one month.

Congratulations! You are now five tips closer to living and loving your life as a savvy single. Each month, I'll bring you additional tips and tools to help you make your quality of life that much more enjoyable. Remember, in creating a life that you love, you masterfully attract the love of your life. Woohoo!