What Women Want In Dating...To Be Claimed!


“Why are you still single?” I am often asked. I finally have a good answer…I have not yet been claimed! What do I mean? I want a man to say, “I want you” and then act that part. I crave to be claimed! Verbally telling me sounds great and consistent behavior feels amazing!

Last year I broke up with a man because he did not claim me. I know he loved me deeply. But he told me his work and his kids came first and I was somewhere after those, time permitting. I would rather be single than that low on the totem pole, so I ended the relationship. In dating, the winner for me will be the one who steps up and claims me! I crave to be wanted and to be a priority.

Women, your responsibility in this process is to invite first. What does that mean? To create an atmosphere of invitation. This could include a warm smile, flirting, accepting an offer to go out and even opening your hand near him to be held.

Once your invitation is clear and he has responded, you must surrender. What does surrender look like? You will need to allow yourself to receive. Examples might be to allow him to open the door for you, completely plan a date for you, and graciously receive compliments or gifts while keeping yourself soft and open as he does so.

You will need to tell him and show him what makes you happy and then receive it with gratitude. No more are there games of him trying to guess what you want. Make it clear for him in your invitation.

Allow him into your world and express yourself in appreciation. Tell him with words or sounds that he pleases you and how to pleasure you. Give him a clear map of what you desire. He wants to make you happy! Guide him.

Women, continually remember and practice the invitation, the surrender and the expression. In turn these behaviors will create in him a presence and a desire to claim and penetrate into your world.

If all these actions scare him off, so be it. Next! There are many available potential partners available! There is not a scarcity of prospects for single people. You just need to sort more quickly!

If you have attracted someone that you are not into, say so! Politely and promptly say, “Thank you for your interest in me, but no thank you.” But if you are interested in someone, be more inviting. Give him a clear signal of your interest. Then the ball is in the man’s court to respond.

So remember ladies, the first step is to become more inviting if you are interested in a man. And men, be courageous and stake your claim if you find a fabulous woman. Tell her and show her that you want her.

And if you are a woman and you find yourself a low priority to your guy, ask for more or break it off. It is okay to be single. You deserve honor, respect, and an awesome relationship! Go for it!

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